Thursday, July 21, 2016

Getting old

I realize too many of my blog entry are about age. But for some reason I still talk about it, because even at 77, headed quickly to 78, I still do not understand the aging process. My mind cannot wrap around the fact I cannot do a 'chin-up'. This body for years could do 50 'chin-ups' and 120 push ups. 

 I did not realize this until we took Stella to a kids park to play, on one of our evening walks. No one else was there so I decided to do a chin-up. My arms refused to lift my body. WHAT? Mentally I ordered  it to do just one. My arms refused. I already knew I could only do  10 push-ups when I try hard. But a simple chin-up?

My mind says, no problem! But my muscles say huh uh.  I am going to try one more time to instill some exercise other than walking. Ever do Yoga? I read where Rick and Jilda practice it regularly. Sherry and I were regular when she was in a class, but we will not do it on a regular basis.

I think I need to do something, but my head asks,"Can a 70+ body actually be built up?"  My brain says NO PROBLEM.  Common sense says NO, you do not have the muscles of a 20 yr old. your muscles are 70+ years old.

This actual argument goes on in my head many times.  No part of me wins, it is a standoff.  I search the net and get 2 or 3  different answers. Each agreeing with some part of my psyche. 

So I remain confused. The only thing 'all of me' agrees on is the Yoga, and the stretching exercises. I am really going to set up a small regiment and try it.

("Okay Paula, how does this work again?" The old cow asks.) All of you hang around, and when I am 95, I will let you know if I can do one chin-up!

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 At times I think I look as weird as these dudes!


Paula said...

I felt insulted one day when john bought me a walker at our favorite thrift store. I thought what makes you think I will need it before you? Low and behold I did use it in December when I was down in my back to help me get out of bed.

betty said...

The spirit is willing but the body does not want to cooperate. I find myself thinking I can do something and then start to do it and realize "nope" that old body of mine doesn't want to do it so we stop. I remember the old days when it was so easy to get up from a seated position on the floor, now its painful and takes a few minutes. I know why God ordained for women to have children in their youth. There is no way at my age I would want to 24/7 be in charge of a baby or a toddler :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know I can no longer do what I used to and that is saying a lot. There is a lot that I no longer do, but I can still do what's needed and that's a good thing so I don't complain. You do great with taking your walks everyday. The heat wave isn't helping things here at all. I just want to stay in and keep cool.

Lisa said...

Walking down the beach at 45 years old, I felt spunky and just knew I could do a cartwheel. I quickly learned my arms cant hold that much weight anymore no matter how I do it. I tried a chin up about that time as well. Didnt budge.
Try water excersises. With water excsises, you build and strengthen muscle without straining them. You dont even feel like your working out,......until you get out of the water, then you feel like a noodle.

I dont yoga

Unknown said...

Well I am beginning to realise I am not young. I have a problem remembering
and start to do some things and then the memory kicks in and reminds me.
I was sitting beside my friend in Church and said "Daisy I will be 80 next
Month and she said wait until you get 90. She and her Sister stay on the go.
Ann did say Daisy can't back up or park and I thought what does it matter at
90. Use the big parking lot.

Mevely317 said...

Unfortunately, I've become quite sedentary.
... and I can't blame the desert heat each of our 365 days!

Given my ornery back issues, I'm keenly interested in hearing how you enjoy the yoga.

Woody said...

Interesting Entry, I am 69, soon to be 70, I left the Navy at 175 Pounds, years later I left the Police Department at 190 Pounds, I now weigh 235 pounds, I cannot do a chin-up, I have 2 bad rotator cuffs. I cannot do a Sit up due to the 11 Heart Stents and the 1 stent in my neck, I suffer from Atrial Fibralation and Heart Pounding.
I want to Run, I wished I never smoked, drank or chased wild women!!!!!!! But I woke up this morning in our Camper, beside a beautiful woman, I sit back and watched her do 75% of the work never complaining. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I can do!!! You will have to tell me when you turn 95 if you ever managed to do the" Chin-Up" !!! Take Care of that Sweetheart and sending love and well wishes from the Hot Humid muggy dry North Country !!!

Rick Watson said...

Chin-ups are tough but that doesn't mean you can never do another one. Do some strength exercises and work to where you can do one, then do one until you can do two.
Yoga is life changing. I'd recommend finding a class that is not taught as an exercise but as a way of focusing on balance, flexibility, and mindfulness. I wish y'all were close enough to do a class or two with my lovely wife. She's a yoga rock star in these parts :)
I know you well enough to know that you can do anything you put your mind to.

salemslot9 said...

some people have
done a chin up

like me

I thought a push up
was an ice cream ;)