Sunday, July 31, 2016

Water is interesting, I have many questions? Where does it all come from?

 (Sherry says, okay we are home)
I mentioned the Cumulus clouds we have seen, I read where they contain a million pounds of water. We watched Niagara Falls for a few hours, just knowing it would run out of water (but it didn't!). We have sat and relaxed in hot springs in North Carolina and as far away as Big Bend Country in Texas and as far North as the Northern Yukon. All the time thinking, what makes this water HOT? (Sure I read the pamphlets, but it doesn't satisfy my mind for some reason)

This is our camp site at Wekiwa Springs State Park, nice and shady.

We drove and walked thru Yellowstone, steam coming out of the ground in thousands of places. Hot springs everywhere. Old faithful erupting hot water and steam. I said, if I had been an explorer I would have left FAST, this place is about to BLOW!

When we were kids Shirl and I spent time with big sister Kat and her new hubby Dick. Their house had no electricity nor running water. Shirl and I helped by carrying water from a spring. Shirl was very sweet, and taught me if I carried BOTH buckets it would be balanced and easier on me. (She didn't mention how easy it was on her! ;-)  ) The water was sweet and probably flowed at 2-5 gals a minute. (Shirl did her share, but she did teach me how to balance two buckets at a time)

All of my younger life when springs were mentioned I remembered Kat, Grandpa and Grandpa Page in Valdese, their house water was supplied from a spring. So to me, that was a spring.

We were in Del Rio, TX where I met The San Felipe Spring it produces 40-100 million gallons a day. WOW, THAT IS A SPRING!  So here we are camped at Wekiwa Springs. A little spring that produces 45 million gallons a day, and forms the Wekiva River, 60' wide and 5' deep.. All year round the temp is 72 degrees.

(This is the head waters of the spring)

Summer draws crowds so big that they have to close the gates, out first day here, they had to close the gates, and the park was flooded with visitors.  The water is a clear as a bell.

This dude we met on the way back from the spring.

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PS: This sort of thing keeps us on the road. we walked 3.5 miles to the spring and back. We met some nice folk.

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betty said...

I think that is a very pretty place to camp by! Water is precious for us in desert areas. We have learned how to conserve and to appreciate it and to be grateful when it rains and rains abundantly. Sadly, it hasn't rained too abundantly in the past few years.


Lisa said...

I remember seeing old shows and cartoons on tv where they would walk around with wishbone shaped sticks looking for water under ground. That always confused me. Ive often thought about where it comes from too. I think it all starts in the ocean.

Hearing better today

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having a nice shady spot does make a wonderful difference when it's hot out and so does being by the water. The weekend went by fast and here it's Monday morning. Hope you have a great week ahead and get some good news on the housing front.

Sheila Y said...

After 2 weeks in Alabama and a few days in Florida I got way behind in my blogs. But I am caught up now. I hope Irene is getting moved out. Boy it was hot when I was down south but it is hot here too now. But hopefully the cooler weather will show up soon. Take care and stay cool down there, Sheila

Mevely317 said...

That spring looks so cool and refreshing! I'd love to see it someday ... the crowds, not so much.

I had to chuckle at Kat's ingenuity, 'teaching' little brother the art of balancing! That, and your comment about Old Faithful. What lies beneath, indeed!


looks like a lovely spot. PEACEFUL. perfect place to stay a while. enjoy.