Monday, August 1, 2016


I was an early morning guy when I had to be. When I was in business I liked motivational speakers, I had their tapes. I listened to Zig Zigler in the car, I listened to Earl Nightingale while sitting at my desk. 
                             (Now that has to be the sweetest smile in the world)
Sherry was a ‘very early person’. Girls seem to require an extra hour to get ready.  Sherry fixed breakfast most every mornings for ‘her’ family. Usually Eggs, bacon and grits. She did use canned biscuits toward the end. Special days she would have pancakes. She was taught: Breakfast is the main meal of the day. After breakfast she took the time to ready herself for work, I don’t think she ever finished getting ready in the car. Sometimes I washed dishes and straightened the kitchen.
For a couple years I would do as the motivators would say, get up early and run a mile or so to get myself motivated for work. BUT that was when I felt it necessary to be up early.

I have a friend who was successful in business, he read the paper in the morning then went to a cafĂ© and met other workers for breakfast.  In his mid-seventies he still finds some working types to have breakfast with, early in the morning.

Me? I didn’t like to get up to go to school. I wasn’t crazy about getting up early for work, but I prided myself on being the ‘first on the job’. Contrariwise once I was at work, I hated to quit. I did not take breaks nor break for lunch, it confused many men that worked for me. BUT ALTHOUGH SEEING THE SUNRISE is a beautiful experience, most days now I prefer getting up at 9am.
Nowadays, as a rule, Sherry is up and has my breakfast cereal ready for the milk when I get up between 8:30 and 10am. Most of the time she waits for me.  I get up, weigh and get dressed before I join her for breakfast.

So to you EARLY BIRDS, I know you enjoy the brisk early hour. I  appreciate the sunrise. BUT ME, now? Since I am retired I do not have to get up, I don’t. But I do enjoy a beautiful sunset.  Reckon there is some parallel? I am in the evening of my life, one day I will see the sun set for the last time. (I may have already witnessed my last sunrise :-O , who knows?)

My mama (who was an early person) said, “We are all ‘turned’ different.”  Do you know where that term ‘turned’ came from?

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sunsets are just as gorgeous as sunrises. i usually go to sleep when the sun comes up. (there must be vampires in my blood) And look forward to the night. Your momma was right we are all tuned differently.

betty said...

I enjoy sunrises and sunsets :) I'm a morning person and lately, this is so bad. Hubby gets up at 5:30 a.m to get ready for work. I get up with him. I have to start work at 9:30 a.m. I have 4 HOURS to get things done and I'm always rushing to make sure I get to work on time (clocking in on the computer at 9:30). I thought getting up at 6 o'clock gave me enough time, but I'm liking the 4 hours I have, LOL. However, its about 9:45 p.m. here and I'm ready to call it a night :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Old habits are hard to break for me so for the most part I'm still up early every day and don't stay up very late at night either. I do manage a nap most every day though and I do love that I no longer work. I may get up by 5 in the morning, but I'm rarely dressed before noon. Retirement is good and I love taking things slow and easy in the morning. I do love watching sunsets. They remind me always to be thankful for another day.

Lisa said...

I love both the sunrise and sunset. Im an early riser, the sun is my alarm clock. 6:30am, im up, later in the Winter, but im always up in time to go to work. I think you Moms quote is all her own. What it means to me is, we all take different directions in life.

Smiles from the clouds today

Mevely317 said...

4:00AM riser, myself ... I loathe feeling rushed on weekdays. On the other hand, I'm not worth a plug nickle after 9 in the eve!

During the summer it's already daylight by 5, so I'm rejoicing in the shorter days when I can witness sunrise on my morning commute. It always makes me feel hopeful, like Mr. God's given us another chance. :)

PS - I remember my parents saying breakfast is "the main meal of the day", too!

Lisa said...

Oh, and me likes the Mustange pictures.

Rick Watson said...

I get up early even when I don't have to. All those clever saying we're from smart people who paid attention.