Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I guess Ambassador Ave is the Charm

Lots of stuff on my mind tonite.

 FIRST WE did it,  they accepted our offer of $42,500 and we signed the contract this afternoon. Now the mystery of closing and how we will handle it.  I am 90% sure the title company cannot do all the research and the realtors get it all together before we are due to leave  this Fri.  My girl says this is a holiday weekend, so that will slow down work a good bit.  Anyway I had planned a Beach entry, but here are some pictures of the house.
 Still looking at the front. The projection on the left is a Bedroom.

Above is the living room window it is on the right hand side of the house from the front. Now below is looking through that window.  The first projection you see on the left is a short wall this side of the entrance door to sorta separate the living room from what will be probably a dining room area. foreground is the living room.The door straight ahead enters the small kitchen the door on the right a small hall to the other bedroom and outside.The far opening to the left is the bathroom. To the left of it is the projection I mentioned above as a bedroom.

From the back yard looking down that right side of the house you see the double gate. We will use it to get the RV in the back for a few days or weeks.

This is the left hand side, it has a single gate. I will remove it later and start putting the RV on the left side.

There are a 'FEW' bad points. But tonight the GOOD points.
1. It is well within budget.
2. It has a new heating and A/C unit.
3. It has a new kitchen stove.
4. Also a brand new dishwasher (besides me)

This is sort of a crazy buy, we haven't been inside this house yet. Our first time will probably be after we buy it, maybe a few weeks after we buy it, if we close remotely from NC.

We have done crazier things. While in Detroit where Sherry's brother Johnny was in the hospital, we bought one over the internet without even seeing it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT AT ALL! We still have the house, it even looks good. But original pictures can sure fool you!  hahahahahaha!

Tomorrow I will give some of the bad points that I am looking forward to encouraging them to become good points. And more Beach maybe, Son Mark ahead, I love the clouds I can't help but see stuff!

Nite Shipslog


Son Mark's first car. This has been the family car. Then we gave it to my dad when we went to GITMO. After dad passed mama returned it to me since she did not drive. I painted it black tricked up the inside and painted flames down the side.
1968 Chevelle(small v8)


Mevely317 said...

Methinks those walls are gonna love welcoming you home. :)

betty said...

From what I saw in the pictures, I like it. And it is good with the new AC unit since you know that is a necessity and an expense to replace. Congrats!!!!


Weekend-Windup said...

It looks nice with good space all around:)


GREAT news. Glad you have a place to put the RV. Lets hope you like the inside as much as you like the yard.

Back Porch Writer said...

Glad you found the house! Hope all works out for the closing. Anything happens I guess. Is this one in FL or NC? I can't remember. Ya'll take care and good luck with it all.

Lisa said...

Well...I like it! Looks like a beach house and once Sherry puts the womans touch on it and you get things together, its gonna be perfect.
Now I cant wait to hear about the inside and see the progress yall make.


shirl72 said...

Glad you found a place you can live with. i keep singing my song
"Life is just a bowl of Cherries and there is a pit and sometime two".
Did you tell the town it was located and I missed it. Is it Deltona??

Love from home

Glenda said...

Hope this one goes smoothly for you, the house has charm and with your skills it will be perfect ~ congratulations!

Jackie said...

Knowing the talents and visions that you both have, this looks like a perfect place for you.
Glad it has a new A/C and heating unit. That is definitely a plus.
Positive points on your new home are smile makers.
Stay dry this weekend, my friends. Looks like TD9 has its eye on us. Lots of rain in our week and weekend.
Congratulations to you both.

2023 said...

You are more of a good points person. I'm glad you got the house you both wanted. Bought a house over the Internet once? I'm afraid to buy pants that way for lack of fit. Hope this house fits...but then, you can fix it to a greater degree than the average person if it does not. Will you still be RVing after you renovate, or have you had enough road time at present? I cannot imagine you 2 in one place for long.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hip Hip Hooray ! So glad you got the house ! Congratulations. Sounds like you may have a little work ahead of you, but hopefully not too much, Hard to believe iLabor Day Weekend is almost here.

Jean said...

Glad you found a house that fits your need. It looks like a nice one from what I see and with your touch you will have it the way you want it in no time. I hope this storm doesn't get to bad down that away. Look like we will miss the bad part, but will get more rain. Take care and have a safe trip back to North Carolina.