Thursday, August 18, 2016

Good bye to Blue Springs, Hello Flagler Beach

Tomorrow morning we depart Blue Springs State Park and head for Bulow RV Resort at Flagler Beach.  Just a few miles north of Daytona. We are only moving because we could not get an extension here, they are booked up.  Tomorrow will give us an answer we think we already know, our house buying deal has fell-thru.  So we will not be saying good bye to Irene and her Pit.  We will just make contact with the principles via the inter net.  WE really do not want to leave Florida until we are sure our earnest money is returned of course.

My lady has been nursing a hurting knee and hip, so I have been doing a little walking alone. I said good by to Mr. Buzzard, and apologized that I could not be his meal.

Then on up the Blue Springs stream we have been able to see hundreds of Florida Gar fish.
This picture is one of my lucky ones. When we first arrived Sherry and I were down and saw some fish jumping, I did catch this one in the air.

It   looked like a bass, but I cannot be sure. He is about 4' in the air.
I liked the idea here, building the board walk around a palm tree.
  This has been a short stay, except for Sherry's bout with the knee, it has been nice.

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The top is the '58 Edsel and of course I could not leave out Don & Evelyn's first motor home. LOL


Back Porch Writer said...

I'm so sorry your deal fell through! I'll be praying that another *better* deal comes along. I'm sure it will. Hope Sherry's knee/hip heal quickly so she can enjoy walking too. I'll pray for that as well. You all take care! Be safe. My grandpa lived in Flagler for a while. I think it was on A1A? That still a road down there? Just a little house across the road from the beach. When I was child we went by there and all that was left was the chimney. Now I'm sure it's all condo and concrete? I'm sure it's different anyway. Ya'll take care.

Lisa said...

Oh man! Hate the deal fell through. I guess it was just not meant to be. I bet yall had already decorated the home in your minds and had some wishful thinking but dont worry there is a nice home waiting for yall somewhere. Hope Sherrys knee and hip gets to feeling better soon. I know she misses walking with you.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm hoping you aren't too discouraged and continue to look. The right house is out there, it just hasn't found you yet. Hope Sherry feels better soon. Good on you for getting a picture of a fish jumping out of the water. That's a tricky thing to do.

betty said...

That was a cool picture with the flying fish. Sorry to hear Sherry continues to have pain with her knee and hip and thst the house deal fell through. The deal always sounded suspicious oj the part of Irene, so it is good maybe that it didn't go through.


Jean said...

I hope Sherry's knee and hip gets better soon. It looked like Irene wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon. Sorry thing didn't work out. I hope you can find something you like much better. We did have one day this week that hasn't rained hoping for more. Take care, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

Dang! I hope a year from now, the two of you will look back at this episode and laugh.
... Meanwhile, sending healing thoughts and prayers to your bride.

Love the boardwalk. The buzzard, not so much. That's crazy how he/she allowed you an up close visit!

Off to Scottsdale, to 're-meet' a cousin I've not seen in more than 50 years!


Unknown said...

Well wishes to Sherry.
I love your conversations with the wildlife! Great pic of the fish and the boardwalk with the tree. The boardwalk around the tree reminds me of the Odyssey in which Odysseus, after a ten-year absence, passes his wife's identity test by his knowledge that their bedpost is a living tree.

shirl72 said...

Sorry the deal fell through. That means you need to stay in the Historic Town
Hope you get your money back. Life is very different as we get older.
I know Sherry is talking care of her knee.

Love from Historic Town


I know of a house that's deck was built around a tree too up in Connecticut. Sorry to hear Irene and the pit get to stay and you can not move in. Just was not meant to be. Hope you get your money back.

Rick Watson said...

You have had some rotten luck with home buying. But that site of the jumping fish was a lucky shot. Maybe things are looking up.