Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blue Springs State Park Florida

Hey, inside this motor home, we would never know it, but we are at a new park.  We are at another famous Florida Spring.  This is Blue Springs State Park.  ‘Blue Springs’ is the winter home of hundreds of the Florida Manetee. 

 Info note: The St John’s is the longest river in Florida, 310 miles long. It flows very slow about .3mph, considered a lazy river.

Above is looking up the St. John's.The barrier is the mouth of the Blue Spring river.
A walk here is like a rain forest, lush and green. Basically on the banks of the St. Johns and the Springs themselves furnish all the water necessary. Fish are in abundance. We saw only one young manatee today. It was a young fellow, probably not over 200lbs. We watched it interact with some swimmers.  The fissure you see below the manatee is the mouth of the springs.

 The spring fissures produce 100 million gallons of clear clean water a day. Another instant river, but not very long, before it becomes part of the St. Johns.
  We watched as the cub eased up to the swimmers. This guy is doing a no no, you are not supposed to touch the gentle giant, but how could you not when it comes right up to you. It has to be lonely with no other manatees to interact with..

 This is looking down the short river that the 100 million gallons make.

 This is a beautiful State park. They are also very busy and had to close the park at noon Sunday because of over crowding.
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love that you saw a manatee. Those gentle giants are beautiful indeed. As are most sea creatures. The area does look lush and vibrant as you describe. the perfect place to settle into for a while and explore. ENJOY.

Lisa said...

This is so cool! I would have petted the Mantanee aka "sea cow". People picture Florida as only sand and sun but you show a different view. I bet its lovely all the way around. Ill be going to Florida next month for a once in a life time experience Ive been picked to do. Im sworn not to say anything for so many months but im so excited I cant stand it. All I can say is it involves lights, camera, action. :)

Smiles from here

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful place. Very different from your last spot. I'd say that the park was packed for a reason. Enjoy your stay!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Had a 40ft RV pulling a car try to make up the park road yesterday,,,thought maybe you had come to see me....anyway they turned around at the first overlook, road was too steep for them.....Blue Springs is beautiful....Enjoy

betty said...

What a great park to be at! I think it would be fun to see a manatee like that! Enjoy the time there!


Mevely317 said...

I never heard of Blue Springs before, but it's sure lovely! Perhaps one of my biggest regrets is not taking time to see a manatee before I moved west. (I only had 14 years. LOL.)

shirl72 said...
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Unknown said...

It has been way too long since I have been in a state park. I am so glad your grandson was not hurt. He seemed to take the whole incident well. Smart guy.

I hope the 2 of you are traveling for many more years to come, & sharing it with all of us too. You & Sherry(& your blogging friend Deb)seem kind to the core. If I'm wrong about that, it would take some real convincing. I am very stubborn.