Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Bear Facts (possibly)

Sherry still isn't 100% she tried it around the park, but still is not confident. So I have been walking solo. I have seen most of the creatures in the park, except the black bear. There are here because we attended the Black Bear Festival once up in Umatilla.  MMMMMMel TTTilis  TTTold us it wwwas tttrue.  We ran into him at the festival. I enjoy his singing.

Anyway tonight it was going to be different. I grabbed the camera and headed out. I waited later and it was dusk. About a mile into the woods, after seeing 15 bears, that turned out to be bushes, stumps and odd shapes, know the feeling? Hunters do. Anyway the Palmettos  about 15 feet ahead of me scrapped and moved. Palmettos make a scratching sound to me. A black form moved out to block my way, it was a Black Bear. He looked at me and I looked at him, finally
he smiled and said, "You are scared aren't you?"

"NNno I'm not scared," I finally spoke after seeing the bear and then thinking he was talking.
"You are lying, humans are bad about that."
"Well maybe a little, d-do you have a name?"
"Yeah, you are a human all right, you think we all are 'dumb creatures', of course I have a name, it's Evelyn— Surprised you didn't it, you thought I was a boy, IF we don't have cub hanging around you think we are all boys — Humans!"
"I'm sorry I make a mistake.  Do you intend to...... you know, kill me and eat me?  I have a card in my pocket so whoever finds my remains will know it is me and tell my wife. So don’t tear it up."

"I must have picked the dumbest human to stop, Our forebearers tried eating humans once and got sick. Besides you humans stink, we like deer meat, it is sweeter we prefer bugs and deer, at least they smell good."
"Boy is that a relief,"
"I thought we just settled that I am a girl."
"Oh I can believe it, I know a human girl named Evelyn, she is a smart aleck too!"
"Okay it is getting dark, let me have your camera. Come on over here, I need to take your picture. It is getting dark, scared aren't you?"
"Well maybe." I said and gave her the camera. I was amazed, she was able to handle the camera. She pointed and clicked it, it flashed. She looked at the results.
"Good. Now email that to me tonight, I took this dirty job of talking to a human, no one else wanted it. Now I have to prove it. You do have a computer don't you?"
"Sure, do you?"
"Yeah I tried to talk to another human and he ran off dropped his ipad and pouch with the charger in it. Einstein, He is the smart bear, took it and figured it out, he said it was simple. He set me up an email address. So send me that picture of you to show the other guys."
"Come on, the ipad needs charging, soooo, how do you manage that?" I asked.
"Hey, Bears are smart, with Einstein's help, we know the Ranger's schedule. I use the outlets at Sand lake toilets to charge the ipad. We know to charge it."
"You know, this is hard to believe, but it is getting dark I gotta go, my wife ain't gonna believe this. I will send the photo to your ipad."
"Wait, let's shake on it," said Evelyn.
"I don't know, can I trust you?" I asked
"Does a bear poop in the woods?" she asked.

Well that done it, I shook her paw and she grabbed me in a big BEAR hug and scared me to death. She was laughing as I ran off."

I was still hiking and looked up and I was about to our coach when I realized I had been day dreaming and probably missed several photo shots of a bear.   Then I realized I needed to send the photo to Evelyn.  I hope you get it Evelyn.

It was a good walk.

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  Photos of Florida Black Bears from the net.

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1982 Dodge Aries (It is still hard to believe this is an antique!


betty said...

Sounds like it was a fun adventurous walk with lots of day dreaming :)


Lisa said...

Um....take Sherry with you for now on so you can have someone to talk too.
Ha cute post
Im struggling with wifi hear on the beach.

Mevely317 said...

Jack, this is PRECIOUS!

Remember that great book, "A Dog's Purpose"? The same author wrote a splendid book called, "Emory's Gift" about a bear and his unlikely friendship with lonely young man. (I wrote a brief review here:
Anyway, every time I see a bear I pretend it's Emory.
Emory and Evelyn ... has a nice ring to it, no? :)

PS -
My mom's name was Evelyn, it's my middle name ... and the name we gave our pup, Grace Evelyn.

Paula said...

Like this bear story.


DAYDREAMING is nice but FACE to face with a bear that size would frighten the bejesus out of me. LOVED the story though.