Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ambassador Ave in Deltona, Florida BAD points

(First let me make something clear, The house is insurance to have a winter home when we cannot drive this Motor home. we are in our upper 70's now. WE know our mid 80's, if we live, will be the end of distance travel.......... Posting early storm coming in!))

When you buy a home for less than $50,000, there will be some bad points.  Since I  do enjoy working with houses, this is the sort of thing where work is fun.  Inside my head there is nothing more rewarding than trying to make a purse from a hog’s ear. Is that an old adage?

First, the price is good because the ‘dirt’ it sits on is worth half the price of the house.

So the bad points:
Half the electric is not functioning.  This problem could be from $20 for a breaker or $600 to have a new feed installed. I am betting on less than $200, educated guess.
 (The RED sticker that has been removed from this a sub panel added with new A/C sorta has me concerned, did mr city inspector red tag it? and home owner remove it?  I am hoping not!)

The water lines are run inside the block walls, according to the inspector there is a break in the lines somewhere.  This too can be costly or cheap. Fortunately I do plumbing in any format, metal or plastic. My guess is the final cost for plumbing will be less than $200 materials.

Not sure of the inspectors, a cursory look shows the Hot Water heater is hooked up wrong.  The pop off valve is supposed to function when the H/W heater over heats, they are using it to feed another hot water line.
  (H/W heater also not vented, illegal but  $20 will fix that)

Now this is cute. Up where some kitchen cabinets would normally be is an exposed 18” heating/cooling duct from the new A/C system.  A little odd! This will be hidden with  wood to match the cabinets.
 (Pictures taken thru screen and dirty window!)

(This next picture show the location of the duct in relation to the kitchen stove)

Never being inside, I cannot say about the floors but I see only minor work there.

Probably will repaint the insides just to create a ‘new or refresh’ smell.

 These two shots taken from internet from the inside.

The yard is filled with ‘grass spurs’. A yard man I ain’t! Does that weed and seed stuff work? I will have to do some investigating.

This back wall needs a gutter and possibly a pallet of sod to restore the grass.

Lastly repaint the outside. Sherry will decide the color combo’s later after checking with Mark. I prefer the fascia boards and shutters a different color than the house.

All together not a lot of the Bad stuff.  Added to this I will need to run hookups for the RV, so that when the RV is at our house it will be 4 BR 2 Bath, in case of company.  Hahahahaha!
BIGGEST Problem, I will have to wait a month before starting, BUMMER!

Nite Shipslog

 My first work truck (1950 chevy?) and the first piece of heavy equipment. (8N /ford)


Lisa said...

Not so bad. I thinks its great and gonna be a fun fixer upper. Add some duct tape, paint and palm trees and you got the perfect Winter vacation home.

Happy September

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I but you are anxious to get started but the good news is that in a month it will be a little cooler and that is a plus for outside work like the painting. You sound very optimistic about the work that needs to be done. You certainly do have a lot to look forward to!

betty said...

The bad points don't seem too bad. Mostly seem manageable without too much investment,. Now have to see if there is anything hidden once you are inside.



Sounds like you have a handle on the problems. Hopefully you can get it in tip top shape before the new year.

Rick Watson said...

Sand Spurs thrive in poor soil. Here, I just fertilize the back yard and the grass chokes out the Spurs.
No advice on the other things.

Mevely317 said...

Love your enthusiasm, Jack! I'll bet no-one expected you'd be wise to their short-cuts; nor, equipped to handle at a fraction of the cost.

The interior paint in the first photo seems certainly soothing.