Friday, August 5, 2016

Self examination

If you are like me, when I have a pain, feel bad, or hurt in one particular spot where it can be penned down to a name like Neck, Knee or elbow, I head for google.  I start my own diagnosis to see if I can find a cure or a name for some ‘exotic’ disease.

Self-diagnosis was around a long time before google.  For years folks has ‘Medical Books’ that would give you the most likely problem with certain symptoms. You would get advice from friends, family and neighbors: You need to take some more Vitamin ABCD etc. Keep something cold or hot on that. Tape some fat-back over that spot and it will be well in 3-4 days.

When WD-40 first came out people were recommending it for arthritis. WE once took our car in to have the transmission fixed. In conversation the owner related his history of Dr’s telling him what to do about his knees hurting. He finally found the cure from a woman who said take Cod Liver oil and it will cure itself. He did and it did. He was so convincing that Sherry started taking two tablets a day and has now for years.  

I am probably ignorant, but I shy away from Doctors if I can help it. I have had some GREAT Dr’s in relation to my hearing. These Cochlear implants have been a world of help to me.  But I still plan to skip my Dr’s apt this year for my physical.

You and I may soon be able to really do some self diagnosis. In my cousin Ken’s column today I read this:

A new medical device is coming available that will keep your identity based on reading your retina.  You will breathe into the machine and place a blood sample in the correct location.  It will examine 54 biomarkers and identify nearly any disease that you may have.  The readings will be transported by telephone so that any medical treatment that you may need can be scheduled.  **** ALSO ****  The average lifespan has been increasing at the rate of 3 months each calendar year.  The expected lifespan is now 80 years.  It should continue to increase.
The above from Ken Herron’s column listing the views of a future predictor, a German, Udo Gollub.

So if old Udo is right, maybe by the time I am in a nursing home I can do my own medical stuff and save a lot of money! Hey, I can always hope!

By the way, this is a cure for boredom!  LOL

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betty said...

Since I've been typing medical reports for close to 40 years, I've picked up a bit of knowledge; not that I would of course ever call myself a doctor, but I know if son has an "ailment" he'll call me for advice whether I think he needs to see a doctor. Most of the time we can self diagnose and sometimes save him a visit to the doctor. My standard thing with aches and pains to him is "have you taken ibuprofen for it?" which most of the time does the trick. When we get into fevers and other such things that last longer than they should, then usually a visit to the doctor might be in order. I too look up things on Google and as I'm typing reports, I'm trying to diagnose the patient before the final diagnosis comes out. I'm 60% right most of the time :)

I'm way overdue for a checkup and I know its important for preventative health, but I think I might have mentioned it before. After my mom had me, she didn't go to the doctor for close to 30 years and did just "fine." Ended up on a few meds over the years for blood pressure, cholesterol, and osteoporosis. Lived to be 85 years old. Hubby's parents did all the preventative visits, etc. Took at one time more than 17 medications each. Lived to be 85 and 88 years old respectively. So there is some validity in doctor's visits; there is some validity in not pursuing that. Some may be healthy living and good genes :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can remember when I was growing up, my mom had what she called the Doctor Book. It was consulted whenever anyone felt bad. Then we had a doctor that would make house calls too. Things have changed so much over the years. I try not to self diagnose but there have been times I've googled ailments that others have had to find out what they were. It's amazing to think about the strides in medicine so far and does make one wonder what will be in the future.

Mevely317 said...

You're reading minds again, Jack!
I've been wondering how to best phrase my own recent brushes with the medical community in a non-snarky manner. :)

Would that device Ken writes about be wonderful?! When I look back, it's truly amazing the victories (even near-victories) we've witnessed. I'll never forget, one of Tom's oncologists talking about the strides in research and, "If this were 5 - even 6 - months ago, yours might be a whole 'nother prognosis."

Funny? I once admitted to one of his nurses that I consulted Google, to which she said, "We do that all the time!"

Lisa said...

Funny im currently writing a blog post about my self diagnosis via Google. Ha!! (Comming soon).
I wonder why my doctor didnt jist google my problem. I think im smarter than he.

On the road heading to sea level.

shirl72 said...

Will not let me comment

Sheila Y said...

I remember seeing a billboard, going from Alabama into Georgia, that said 10,000+ men die each year because of stubbornness. Keep your Dr appt. :-)
I hope you and Sherry are staying cool! Take care, Sheila

Rick Watson said...

It's remarkable (and sometimes scary) what you can find on Google.
In the past, I rarely saw doctors but these days with Jilda's compromised immune system, I don't wait around if I get to feeling puny.

Paula said...

Don't forget eat a Roadrunner for a boil. You don't hear of people having those anymore.


I too tend to shy away from Doctors. But my symptoms recently got to be more than I could handle. Except for the fact I called the diagnosis before they did.