Sunday, August 14, 2016

Those witty sayings

 I can’t leave well-enough alone, somethings I want better. RV’s as a rule have 12v lights. I prefer 120v lights for my aging sight. So for that reason, where possible, I install 120v lights in our coaches. That requires cutting holes in the walls to pull electric wires. I needed to punch a hole in the wall in the bathroom for a light. I thought it would be cute to hang two pictures to hide the damage. I framed a couple shots of an outhouse I took in North Platte, NE. They hung until  this summer when my wife handed me two replacements. Could you hang these in the bathroom?  Now no matter how much I liked the out houses, it is hard to refuse my girl. ;-).

I love catchy, witty statements, I wish I could come up with some. This is what now hangs in our ‘toilet’.

They are decorative and look better than my black and white pictures of the outhouse.  Great statements, the larger one reads: Every day, Do one thing that takes your breath away.

The smaller one just below the added 120v light says:

Live with purpose, Love with abandon.

I never really paid attention until today. I know they sound good, but what do they actually mean?
There are days just a visit to the toilet takes my breath away, but we ain’t talking about that! ;-)

 I rode a roller coaster once or twice in my youth and I can remember it took my breath away. I would not get aboard one of the new dudes. Also, I have driven my car over dips fast enough to take my breath away. But at this time in my life what takes my breath away are ‘sights or views’, such as the cumulus clouds we have had this year and some sunsets. There are times my girl still takes my breath away. Physically, not much takes my breath away now.

Then there is the one about living with purpose, not sure of that one anymore. However, I can love nature and life with abandon. But, BUT, in my life and with my girl (especially after a long cruise, or separation), *****WOW***** we loved with ABANDON.  YEP, even an old man can’t forget that.  If you try real hard, some of you older folk might have a similar recollection, right Buddy? ;-) 

Nite Shipslog

PS: buying a house with pictures on the wall, check behind them, they may have hid a $5 bill, I used to do that.  But then you might just find a hole!

 Two old trucks sent by my friend Buddy who is old and knows I like Old vehicles. My uncle Hisure was a truck driver, he called these old sleepers, Rabbit Boxes. You know Buddy, if you have read my books. ;-) 

 I have never seen an abandoned old  truck Tractor  before. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like the new pictures very much! I like Sherry's choices. And I have hidden a whole in the wall with a picture before. too. Thanks for the smiles today !

Lisa said...

Sherry has good taste. I like the new pictures. However, I Think the outhouse photos are a cute idea for a bathroom too.
We have very few pictures on our wall at home. Husband does not like the idea of putting holes in the walls for pictures. I on the other hand think tiny holes are an easy fix later.


We have pictures on every available wall surface in our house. LOVED the outhouses originally on yours, but Sherry's new pictures have words of wisdom to get you GOING everyday.

betty said...

I like both of those statements on your new pictures hung on the walls. Both are things to contemplate and try to live out indeed :)


Paula said...

I'll have to take a picture of my outhouse pictures sometime. The outhouses are painted white with flowering vines growing up around them.

Mevely317 said...

I'm on the fence over here, Jack! Sherry's new pictures are lovely ... but I'd be sad to see the 'character' shots go by the way. You say there's no room for all 4?

In all seriousness, I love the challenge -- to discover one thing each day that takes my breath away. It's been a long time ...

salemslot9 said...

"There are days just a visit to
the toilet takes my breath away,
but we ain’t talking about that! ;-)"

I'm glad you said
what I was thinkin'

we're so immature ;)