Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sign & fence laws…

.(Evelyn, this is Monday's blog---- don't pay attention what blogger has put at the top, they stamp it and wait a day to post it. Now try to be nice or Imma tell Don!)  Now for Monday's exciting Blog entry!:

I am a law abiding citizen (for the most part). I actually seldom speed. I try to be courteous on the road and not drive reckless. When I built houses I stayed way within the law.  My construction was never questioned by the inspectors.

I have ran rough-shod over some local laws I felt went against my homeowner's-rights.  My argument would not hold up in court, but if taken there I would give it a logical try. (I like Rick’s statement about laws in his parts: I am not sure murder is against the law in our county.)

Sign laws seldom bother local folk, because they know where every thing is. i.e.

1…White’s Restaurant?............. East end!
2… Jerri-Lynns? East End close to White’s.
3… McDonalds, Hardees, BoJangles… Cross roads!

No problem, but if you are from out of town, looking for McD’s to use the rest room and get a coke, it is frustrating to hear someone say ‘After YOU PASS IT’,  There WAS a McD’s back there. That doesn’t happen in areas with no sign laws.

How do I know this? Experience, as a constant traveler. Many times I have nearly wet myself trying to spot a sign of any kind that would give me some relief. (Most times if I use their bathroom, I will gladly buy something).

I am anti-sign laws especially when towns pass sign laws to limit the height of signs of businesses to 8'.
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I’m not crazy about ‘privacy’ fences completely around a residence, but if someone feels it is necessary they should be allowed to do it. Most towns you can have a privacy fence in the back of your home, but NOT PASSED THE CENTER of your home.  Even the fence in front is subject to your city council’s opinion of acceptable.
(Picture compliments of friend Buddy from NC mts)

I am the normal man (methinks), what my neighbor does in his yard is his business. That is contrary to the ladies opinions i.e.Evelyn, Sherry and Shirl.  Things get too cluttered, messy, trashy, junky etc.  They even resent us boys having a couple junk cars in the front-yard to work on or get parts off. You know, common sense type things. LOL.
And some some yard decorations serve a useful purpose, eggs and meat.

Nite Shipslog

It is a Caddy, for heaven's sake, great yard decoration.
1931 Buick, lovely automobile


jack69 said...

I had to make that note to Evelyn, she is my girl friend faithful reader and also Don's wife.
She, Sherry and JoAnn help proof my latest books. They found only a few (hundred) errors. ;-)
Quit throwing things Evelyn!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Most of the homes I've lived in had a privacy fence so I've grown used to them and have very often had occasion to be glad I had one. If I want to take a snooze in the shade on a hot summers day I really don't need my neighbors watching. Ha ! I too have had the occasion to appreciate McDonalds for refreshment of both kinds and have looked for those signs along the road pointing me in the right direction! I don't know why but my blog post continue to post late. Thankfully they do make it eventually.

betty said...

We put up a better privacy fence, LOL, after we moved in here with a brick wall, but with a pool, we do like the privacy (and safety) of it :) Signs are great, as long as they point one in the right direction :)


shirl72 said...

Our front yard look nice and you could not see the back from the road.
It was in order with 8 antique cars in a line. I should have kept the Isetta we could have had fun riding around Belmont..hee hee


The car chicken coop takes the cake for original ideas. love it.

Paula said...

Like the car chicken coop.

Mevely317 said...

I need to send that chicken coop/car to my DIL! :)

Privacy fences? I never knew all residences DIDN'T have them until visiting family in Ohio, way back in the 70's! Seems a shame one can't let their dogs out to do their business w/o a leash. Either that, or 'Yankee dogs' are better behaved? LOL!

Rick Watson said...

People who don't like old cars in yards would blow a fuse down here in this county :)