Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Biding our time

Here we are a few miles from the beach but have been too busy nursing a knee or traveling to check on homes for sale.  Sherry has been walking about a half mile then I continue for another mile and a half.
 The first half mile:
A nice fountain in the park.

I'm not crazy about these plants what ever they are, They are both striking but too much for me.

This is our home or two weeks.  We like it. I will drop off my girl here and continue into the sand, she fears the loose sand anymore.
This is the long white fenced entry road, I stayed to the side on the grass and sand.
 Basically the only color I saw was these purple berries.
 I really liked this huge rock it is about 4' high and 8' long with various holes, so I wonder what made the holes. Must have been water.

 I love palm trees.  They always amaze me withstanding the many hurricanes that hit Florida. Again, we are seeing some beautiful Cumulus clouds. Below is the entrance of the park, My walk took me out to the road, Old King's Road South
Finally I walk thru this massive live oak Hammock. Filled with 'bearded trees', a term I have only read from Rick W. ('course he has a bunch of odd discriptions!)

 I became interested in ant hills, these dudes ain't from NC. These aren't HILLS. As a matter of fact they ain't hills, they are inverted.
 The one above was active. Some dude was inside kicking sand out. The work seemed to much for the ants I know. I asked, but got no answer.

 There is evidence here that there is some Georgia red dirt hidden beneath this white sand.

The walk is nice, but it is hot of course. 

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess you are more used to the heat than I am, but I cannot take walking very far at all in the heat. Glad Sherry is getting in a bit of walking now, that would be my speed.

Lisa said...

That rock looks like its made of sand itself. Glad to hear Sherry is working that knee a little. Not sure what her knee problem is but if its joint pain, have her try taking some gelatin or pure cherry juice. I hear they both work wonders.

Enjoyed the walk

betty said...

You always find great places to walk. I like when you share them with us. Glad to hear Sherry is able to gwt a bit of exercise in.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

We use'ta call those hills "Duddle Bug Holes"...and they supposedly will chase ants out.....

shirl72 said...

Glad Sherry's knee is getting better. You sure have some beautiful places to walk. The rock is very interesting. We have some good walking trails. Time for you and Sherry to come on home. Her knee will heal better at home. hehe

Jackie said...

Those plants are century plants, I believe.
I feel the same way as you about them. They are striking....but not attractive to me.
Enjoy your time and know that my thoughts are with you both.

Rick Watson said...

That looks like a nice place to walk. I hope You lovely wife's knee get better soon. I know it must be driving her crazy.

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful imagery; but wow, those ant craters creep me out.

Sherry's half-mile endeavor is loads better than what I log in a day's time! We're all cheering her on. :)

Unknown said...

If you could find a place where the sea is calm, I bet the salt water would be good for Sherry's knee. Then again, a good wave could set her back quite a bit.
It's always nice to go on a virtual walk with you.
Like BlueRidge Boomer, we called the inverted craters "doodle bug holes." The first picture looks like a doodle bug hole, but I don't know if the pictures that have the red soil are the same thing. Anyway, the doodle bug is a antlion (ant + lion). Look it up on the internet; I think you will find it interesting. If you are very careful, you can get the doodle bug to show itself by taking a small twig disturbing the crater just enough to let a grain or two of sand fall down. The idea is to make the doodle bug think he has just caught supper. It is good to accompany the action by a little saying, such as "Doodle Bug, Doodle Bug, come up and get some brown sugar!" You can do an internet search for antlion folklore to find some good and proper incantations. I was also shown a way to reveal the antlion that required a lot less finesse: just blow directly into the center of the hole until you have blown the sand away. Take my word for it, you should close your eyes while you are blowing sand, lol! I try not to disturb too many of them this way out of respect for all the work they did to make their trap, but it is a good way to show a kid what critter is at the bottom of the crater.


The rock and plants make for an interesting backdrop as you walk. hope Sherry's knee improves enough she can get back to her regular routine.