Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jack and Sherry, two old people the Grands

To the Family, we are this old:

Our surviving siblings  Shirl,Vernon and Johnny know these facts. I got an e-mial about old folks, some of it is copied herein.

Our parents were born just after the turn of the last century. It was neat to hear dad say he was born in Oh three and Mama in Oh five. Nineteen was never used i.e. 1903, 1905. Sherry’s parents were born 02 (dad) 04 (mom). My daddy was named after the Outlaw Frank James who was a hero amongst the poor and was still alive at dad’s birth.
 (My mama and daddy from my first memories.)

Their mode of transportation was walking or mule and wagon. Just before her death, my mama corrected me when I asked about horse and buggy days. “Son,” she scolded, “Horses and buggies were for folks up in the papers, we had mules and wagons. Something that could work and was useful. Your dad could work the mules all day in the field and still take us to church or town that evening.” (Note, ‘evening’ back then was any time after 12 noon, no one said afternoon in our family)

Dad was 17 before he rode in an automobile. They did not have electricity until in their 30’s.
(1910 car)

 (Sherry's mama and dad. I Have a good one of them in their youth together. Sherry mama is young above  Wiley's was later)

Sherry’s family did not own a family car. They walked or took the bus.

Our daddy's were born before the first airplane flight and lived to see a man fly to the moon.

Jack & Sherry: We were born before World War II. Before the modern ball point pen. Before turn signals and automatic transmissions were common. When we dated I put my arm around Sherry and when the gears were changed in that 48 Chevy, she worked the gear lever (3 on the column) and I worked the clutch. The  Sherryamatic is great.”

We used the ink pen if homework in pen and ink was required. A little lever on the pen was levered out to create a vacuum in a small bladder, with the tip immersed in ink the lever was slowly released and would draw ink into the pen. They were called ‘fountain Pens’.
 (The little white strip is the filling lever)

The terms Rock and Roll, satellite, steam iron, radial tires, TV, penicillin, polio shots, frozen food, Xerox, contact lenses, Frisbee, credit cards, laser beam, panty hose, air conditioners, McDonalds, dishwashers or clothes dryers were started in our youth.  The steel guitar was called the Hawaiian guitar.  ‘Cool’ was ‘The Word’ in our youth.

We were married a year before the first earth’s artificial satellite was launched successfully by Russia, Oct 4, 1957, called Sputnik. It was about the size of a soft ball we were told. At that time, I was a corporal in the USMC and spent our first anniversary In a NATO exercise at Saros Bay, Turkey.

I cannot tell you everything, somethings are a secret, to be exposed later (maybe).  I just wanted to let you know how old we were.

We are proud of our family, EVERYONE of our family. Love you all.

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My goodness that cartridge pen took me back to my youth. Technology amazes doesn't it. So many changes in such a relatively short time span. GREAT history

shirl72 said...

I have always loved that picture of Mother and Dad. Mother's coat has a lace collar and Dad always had to have his hat.

betty said...

I remember fountain pens one time in school as part of some lesson. You probably look back and wonder where the time went and how you got so "old" so quick.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's amazing all the changes in this world. We can only wonder at what is to come.

Anonymous said...

Jack our history is almost identical except my father bought a new A model when they came out so they told me. After that experience he quit driving and started walking again. The next car we had was when I was 14 and I started driving with a few tickets for driving without a liscense.

Anonymous said...

Jack this is Bill even though my grandchildren are in school today and cannot help me with this cyber world.

Mevely317 said...

Interesting! ...COOL, too! (*smile*)

I never knew that about Frank James' rep for being a hero. And you know what? Until a minute ago, I'd totally forgotten being the "Sherrymatic", 3-on-the-column in boyfriend Gordon's station wagon.

Seriously, it's sobering to realize what changes we've witnessed in our years. It breaks my heart my dad didn't live to see the internet ... he'd have been a devotee, for sure. Then again, I suppose my grand-girls will enjoy conveniences I can't begin to wrap my mind around. Like Rick wrote, Life Goes On!

Paula said...

Lots of memories here. I haven't thought about fountain pens in a long while. Glad we don't have to use them anymore.

Rick Watson said...

Your folks were just a few years older than ours but they saw a lot in their lifetimes. When they died, they left us things that weren't passed on through a written will. Things more valuable than money.
Good post Jack.