Friday, August 12, 2016

Home buying update.

I was having a little fun with friend Evelyn last night. She is a sweetie and my most avid local blog reader. If I miss a day, she lets me know.

Now for tonight's exciting entry!
Short update on our home purchase.  WE have received the closing documents via e-mail.  We read thru them, roughly 35 pages. WE have built and sold several houses a year for about 18 years, truthfully I have never read all the documents, except of course the closing statement where money was involved. LOL.

This time, I read every page and saw no red flags. Of course the other times I was sitting in an attorney’s office with six people around the table, no one else was reading so I didn’t. The last attorney we used was Vickie Whitley.
(Pictures just because I like the big flower gardens)
A closing with Vickie was entertaining. She explained each document, she would say, “Do you want detail or the Reader’s Digest version?”  She is so interesting, I took granddaughter Sherece with me to a closing so she could see a professional woman in action.( Speaking of professional women, Kathi, our real estate agent, is very good at what she does.)

(at closing) When it came to the land/lot deed, she would say something like, “This is how much dirt you are buying (or selling).” I don’t think of attorneys/professionals as having problems. But for the last few years of her MIL’s life, Vickie took care of her. If you asked,  you got the Reader’s Digest version, never a complaint.  Since the MIL was local to Belmont, Sherry knew her.

Back to the house. They must be pretty confident of our closing next week to have this stuff done.  We have driven by the house, so far no movement, no extra trash at the curb. Jokingly I said, “I sure hope she leaves the window treatments.” Sherry laughed out loud. The windows look like son Mark would do. Sheets, towels or rags hanging for privacy.  Not son Jack though, Son Jack neatly stretches black plastic bags over his windows.  Sherry has learned not to expect her sons to decorate like a lady.  Both are bachelors at present.

I’m assuming by now they know we will not purchase an ‘occupied’ home. Too many fish-hooks in that barrel.

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PS: I have a new friend (yeah, I know that won’t last long) but he says he is not sure he can handle any more black bear stories. He is an old guy, sorta like most of my other friends.
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 Ah, the years of customizing, if you were there you can't forget it.
 Shaved was the thing, no door handles or hood ornaments. But a spot light was a necessity (for some reason)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry you saw no movement going on at the house, one can only hope with less than a week to go things will improve. I think you've made it clear that she must go. You are not looking for a tenant. Ha!

betty said...

I agree with you, you don't want a tenant. Maybe she is having a company come and pack her up and move her?


Paula said...

Scary, hope she doesn't tear the house up. Makes you wonder. Good luck.

Lisa said...

Go ahead and rent a dumpster. I have a feeling shes leaving you everything! Dont forget to take some before and after pictures. Im sure Sherry will make it purty.

From sunny Myrtle Beach

betty said...

The thought just came to me. The night before we closed on both houses here, we had a walk through with our realtor, confirming everything was in working order still, no new damage we didn't know about, etc. The previous owners were already out by then. I think I would see if you guys could do something similar, then you will know if it is truly vacant or not. No surprises needed.


Mevely317 said...

I was just set to say, "dumpster"! (Great minds, Lisa.)

Have to admit, it takes a special sort of mindset to read and absorb legal docs. Maybe because I DON'T possess those brain cells, I sure appreciate others' expertise.
"The Reader's Digest version?" made me chuckle aloud!

Rick Watson said...

Things will
Work out fine Jack. I feel it.

Woody said...

Wishing you Good Luck with the House !! The Bear Story was not too bad, we have them all over up here, tearing apart cars, bird feeders, gradens, still dry, hot, wells drying up, water low, Praying for Rain, you 2 take care Hope the Mrs. feels better !!!
Gary & Anna Mae

shirl72 said...

I hope she gets out..Buy her some suckers different flavors and maybe that will make her happy. It is hard for me to understand how she can still be sitting there and not moving. If that happen to me I sure the police would be there moving my hinny out. Call the police and explain what is happening
maybe that will scare her for them to drive by....


You may have a squatter on your hands. GOOD LUCK.

Margaret said...

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Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate