Sunday, August 21, 2016

The amazing HUMAN body!

I do not follow athletics: football, baseball, basketball, etc. I know bodies can be built, muscles can be toned, and speed, agility must be practiced in these sports.  BUT, but the gymnast? WOW there is no common sense to that. How can a body do all that stuff. I have a heck of a time just training my body not to eat too much. (ouch). I remember Lisa saying awhile back she decided to do a cart wheel (when she hadn’t tried in many years). 

Methinks my body forgets what it used to do!!!

I did not watch the Olympics but I see sketches here on the net of the actions in the competition. Miss Biles, she is amazing. In one action it looked like she hung in the air for a few flips. Shucks while at the Pizza hut the other day, I saw the divers. Whew! When I was a kid I won a diving contest. I did a simple dive off the high board and kept my legs straight and together and made a smaller splash than my competitors.  Now I see three flips and a couple twists, maybe other things before they hit the water perfectly and make a very small splash. Makes me dizzy.

 How much more can the body do? I am a firm believer that NOT EVERYONE could do that stuff no matter how hard they trained. I THINK some folk have more ability than others. One must have TONS of mental and physical control. (I know the mental part would get me! LOL)

My kudo’s to all the athletes who train for this stuff. They must be GOOD, just to get there.  More power to ‘em for the dedication.

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(I’m trying to ignore the swim team, who displayed the one thing the world despises in many citizens of the USA, arrogance and disregard for other countries rules and ways, when they visit) 

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'55 Hudson Metropolitan, one of our  old cars. Loved this little thing! 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We were not all meant to be athletes for sure but it is nice to watch others perform. They train for lots of years to be what we see.

Lisa said...

Haha. You remember me saying that? Your good. I tried agian just last week while weighing 50lbs less but it still didnt work. When I was a kid, i could do cartwheels, back bends and put my leggs around my neck but that was all and not anymore.
It blows my mind too how these gymnist can do such tricks. They start as tots.

Haopy Sunday

betty said...

Lots of hard work all the athletes do! It too amazes me what they can get their bodies to do. I am slways worried watching the divers, I am afraid they are going to hit their heads on the diving board at times. At least the truth is coming out about those members on the swimming team and regret for actions is being stated. Sad they will be remembered for this and not their Olympic achievements.


Paula said...

I always wonder how their bodies are going to react years from now, but yes they are good and fun to watch.

Jean said...

When I was young I could stand on my hands. That is if I had a wall to my back to hold me up, and I thought I was doing something great. (smile)

Mevely317 said...

Yes, these athletes are nothing short of amazing. God-given, their dedication.

Personally, I'm counting the minutes until this series concludes. Unfortunately, DH seems riveted; I wonder if he won't be experiencing withdrawal symptoms!

Jackie said...

Jack..... I'm doing good just to get my shoes on and tied!!
Kudos to each athlete from every country.
A lot of hard work and a lot of time went into each competitior's event.
(I don't watch the Olympics, either. I used to. I don't know why I stopped. Just don't watch them any more.)
Hugs to you and yours.


Once upon a time I could do the horse and unparallel bars. Now I can barely walk up the steps.Kudos to the athletes.

2023 said...

You seem like a guy with mental strength.

Not having a TV changes my Must Sees quite a bit. The Olympics were so distant from my thoughts that when they were first mentioned this year(though I was a huge fan in the past)I was surprised they had begun.