Monday, August 8, 2016

I didn’t know that.

(Don't let that blogger date fool you this is really Tuesday's blog!) :-) 

Lots of folks camp. We have met some great folk in camp grounds. We actually camped beside a neighbor of George W Bush once  in Texas. He talked admiringly of George W. He said many times GW had stopped by his house for coffee, he had known him for years.

 Now did you know that he and 
Jeb Bush have another brother! I did not know that.    Here's Marvin!

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Ricci Martin just died at 62, was Dean Martin’s son, I didn’t know Dean had a son.

He does favor Dean.
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What is this?  I received three comments on my blog like this, and had no idea what it  said (anything in Arabic lately scares me a little):

Translated, it looks like this, according to Microsoft translator:   (using this information on the Arabic)

So I have Arabic SPAM advertising cleaning services. 

To this southern boy, Oriental and Arabic writings are amazing. I cannot imagine writing it, much less reading it.

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AND I certainly did not know that psychology research from the university of Leicester shows, playing classical music in restaurants encourages diners to spend more, because it makes them feel more affluent. Meanwhile, less sophisticated pop music caused people to spend 10% less on their meals

I am always amazed at what I do not know. (Is that one of those catch 22 thingies? How can I be amazed at something I do not know?) Maybe that should be what I DID not know until told.
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Son Mark's Hummer, it is for sale, if you are interested.......


Lisa said...

This is cute Jack. I had a friend request once in arabic. I got a wierd feeling too. Like who do I know that talks that way? I just blocked it. Most likely spam.
As far as camping ? Funny what you mentioned. We are friends down here at the campground with a man that lives here like a beached bum but his son worked on the right hand side of Pres. Bush.
Small world

BlueRidge Boomer said...

It's amazing what we don't know....

betty said...

That was funny with the spam you got in another language. I am not much for camping, but here it can be a fun family activity. I think I learn something new every day.


Jean said...

I think we learn something new every day I did remember Deans had a son name Ricci, but not the Bush brother. I'm all the time getting friend on fb from guys that looks like they are from another country, but I delete them all. If I don't know them I don't except them. I'm not on fb all that much I use to play games, but it takes up the time that I don't have now. I hope you and Sherry is staying dry down your way it's been wet up here. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

I cannot understand how people get pleasure doing the wrong thing. They have to know we all have the delete button. I guess they have a weird streak that
needs to be active once in awhile. I call it low class..

Paula said...

An interesting post Jack. I like the looks of the Hummer. John's daughter-in-law had one but didn't keep it long. I thought maybe it was a gas guzzler.

Mevely317 said...

Sometimes a random someone-or-another will leave a comment that Blogger's 'net' fails to catch. (sigh) Sad, how some innocuous-seeming message can trip alarms in our heads.

Ya, I was startled to read about Dean Martin's son's premature death. For some reason, I was always fascinated with Dean (Sr.). So sad when his older son, Dino, was killed. (Did you know he was married to Dorothy Hammil, the figure skater?)


Liked the tidbit on classical music. My hubby is CLASSICAL all the way. But is far from affluent.

Melanie said...

I delete them...I have it set so I have to approve the comments first...


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