Monday, August 29, 2016

Our last try for a house before heading north.

WE have only a few days left here in Florida, then it is back up north for about a month, then back for some more house hunting. So I think this is our last trip down to our house hunting grounds, Deltona.

On the way down we pass this exit to Daytona, it is  LPGA BLVD. But I like the palms and Daytona Beach in large letters. Then on down a little is this hospital bordering I-95. I asked Sherry to get a picture of it, I like the architecture and design, neat.

We Looked at a once beautiful and expensive home, Only $70,000. It is on a small lake and has its own pier on ½ acre of land. Great place for the RV. But it is out of our budget. Purchase and repairs would take it a little over $100K but it would then be valued at $180K. An example of the repairs, here is the back veranda, overlooking the lake. Note the right side has fallen about 4 feet, not good. I want it (of course) but it is out.

This is the last one on which we made an offer. It is a small 2 Bedroom, 1 bath bungalow minor work needed. Room for the RV, They are asking $40,000, we offered $41,500.   For a man from NC that doesn’t make sense. In NC if you were to ask $40,000, offers would be $36/$38K.

I built and sold houses for years, at first I set a reasonable price, but NEVER got it. The first house I built the lady who bought it actually asked, after she owned the house, "Now, why did you sell so cheap?" I learned you had to price your house like car dealers do cars, price it a little above reasonable and folks feel good when they bargain with you.

But like some old song said about California, Florida is a brand new game (for me). So, for the first time,  we offered more than they asked. But Imma thinking someone else will offer more.  If so, we can live with that.  There is another on the horizon, and it will be here when we return from NC.
Do you see photos that folks feel are religious? I saw one the other day that captured a spirit leaving the body at death and one that showed a spirit walking on lake. Soooo here is a picture of the same hospital above when I asked Sherry to get a better picture of the Hospital. This is NOT photoshopped:

Lo and behold, the spirits leaving the hospital, they must have had a rash of deaths.   To be honest when I reviewed the pictures tonight, I was startled, until I realized the ‘spirits’ was a white cloth lying on the dash and reflecting in the windshield. Remember Teleprompters?  Another Mystery solved. SOOOO I will not submit it to the Pope..........

Nite Shipslog

We took this in the Studebaker Museum in South Bend.  It is an early 20's beauty.


jack69 said...

UPDATE: We upped our offer $1400. We are still hoping...


Fingers crossed you get this house. If it's meant to be you will. Those spirits leaving the hospital made for a great picture.

Lisa said...

Hope you can nab this one. Sounds like dealling on a house has become bidding on a house. Ha.
You guys are smart and know what a house is worth. The perfect place will come along soon. Hang in there.
Sherry is a good photographer.

Safe travels

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be nice if you got the house and were able to travel north with out having to make another trip back for more house hunting. You had me going with that hospital picture. Amazing how that turned out to be a reflection.

betty said...

That was interesting about the picture too at the hospital. Glad you figured it was the cloth making the reflection. I think the real estate selling has changed over the years. Price minimally to get people's attention and then have bidding wars. We heard a lot the phrase "give your best cleanest offer". We found people looked at how much earnest money put down and how much cash down too. But you are wise. Figure what you think the house is worth and don't go higher than that. Looks cute, hope you get this one.


Jackie said...

I love to read your blog for more than one reason. It is like conversing with a good friend: interesting and enlightening.
I pray that the right house is yours and Sherry's and you will know it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Hugs, my friend.....

salemslot9 said...

I did take a
photo last December
after my Mom
passed away
it looks like
2 eyes in the sky
I'll put it in a
blog post one day

2023 said...

A spirit(s) in the sky...this Atheist wouldn't bite on that, but a childhood friend who was not given to spiritual talk at all told me that a door opened & closed right after her grandfather died in his home. I did(& do) believe that she believed it.

I'm sure you can work wonders on that little place, & really enjoy doing so, if given the chance. Hope Sherry has a great reunion.

shirl72 said...

I that is the house you think you want hope things turn out OK. You love doing carpenter work so you would have fun. I am ready for some cooler weather.

Woody said...

Well,enjoy your Trip Home, you will have better luck house hunting when you come back down .
take care, cold this morning, was down to 52, still wearing shorts and t shirts !!!!!!
Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

That's sure a cute one. Mind you, I don't ever recall seeing a 'bungalow' but I like the name. :)

Just caught news of some hurricane activity around Florida. Hope that won't impact your travel plan!

Rick Watson said...

You will find your place and it will be the one that's right for you.