Wednesday, August 24, 2016

House hunting UPDATE

Well the last one we made an offer on did not work out. When the Realtor said, “The Oslo street house is out.” My girl said, “GOOD.”  I gave her a dirty look, but it didn’t faze her.
   Oslo was nice fromthe front

Kathi, the realtor, understood what Sherry was saying, there was a lot of work to be done on the house.  BUT that is what I was looking forward to.  Not everyone can look past a disaster and see beauty. Not everyone can look at an unfinished home, even if it only lacks the floor covering, and see a beautiful home.  Sherry could see the finished product there at Oslo Drive, but is sorta like ‘others’ in my family who think I am over the hill. LOL
 (A little different at the back)

When I think ‘over the hill’ my mind wanders. I was once remodeling a home and the owner said, keep an eye out, there is an OLD MAN in overalls who keeps looking at the fence you are installing.

In deed the old guy did show up. When I approached him I realized who he was, Mr. Powell local businessman and builder in Gastonia. One of the few Cadillac dealers in the USA who owned every car on his lots, no program cars. He had built the subdivision where we stood, and at one time owned all of the 125 homes outright.

I introduced myself and we talked a little he was about 85 and sharp as a tack. Some folk thought he was about as rich as God. He had kept the house next door for one of his grandsons. He was checking the property line, to make sure I did not encroach.

There are a lot of stories about Glenn Powell. One or two personal ones. But the one that sticks out is from my BIL Elmer and dickering for a new Caddy. They got down to $50 difference. Elmer said, “Mr. Powell are you going to let $50 stand between you and the sale of a new Cadillac?”

“No offense Elmer, but I would let $5 stand between me and a sale, I really don’t have to sell that car today, I’ve learned someone will buy it tomorrow.”  Elmer did not buy the Cadillac he went to Glenn’s competitor and got a Lincoln.

So in the housing search, this is not our first rodeo, I know something else will come up. I like to think, all things work together, when you try to be one of the Good Guys!

Nite Shipslog
The Chrysler Cordoba.  Every time I see this car I think of Ricardo Montalban 


Back Porch Writer said...

Well, something else will pop up and you know it will be the one! You need to go see my blog. I wrote up a "story" of sorts. "If I could charter a yacht". lol I picked out a charter to go on. Only 100,000 or so. lol Yep, that is why I had to write about an imaginary trip. We haven't won the lottery yet.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Keep up your good attitude. If it wasn't meant to be only means it wasn't the right one for you. Good things do happen.

Lisa said...

Glenn Powell.....that name sounds familiar. I probably do no know him but I bet my daddy does. Daddy worked for the car trader on the side so he knew all the car salesmen around Belmont and Gastonia.
I have faith you and Sherry will soon find the right home. Its just not in your favor right now but in time.
I know in the back of your mind you want to get land and build your home yourself. your story goes......

Happy hunting

betty said...

The right house will come when you least expect it. In the meantime, it is an adventure looking for them, making offers, figuring out how to update or fix what needs to be fixed, etc. Keeps one on their toes I guess!


2023 said...

A "GOOD" from Sherry & a f/u dirty look from you. Hmmm. Can you LOOK AT THE BACK OF THAT HOUSE AGAIN?
Thank you ;0.
Glad Sherry got her way, in a manner of speaking.

Mevely317 said...

The front of that house looks so inviting, doesn't it?
Sure enjoyed your telling of Elmer and Mr. Powell.

Mostly, I was reassured by your hunch (that) something else will come along ... something better and JUST RIGHT for y'all.


I agree "someone will always buy it tomorrow." But a "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

Margaret said...

Certainly a lesson for all those out there shopping for a new house today. Like you said, there is always something new coming on the market tomorrow. If the deal falls through on the house of your dreams, something bigger and better is coming tomorrow for you. Love the story about the old man and the $5, he was really smart.