Thursday, July 28, 2016

Any day when you are healthy and above ground

IS GOOD<—>right?

A relaxed day here. I have a few silver dollars and also got some from Shirl. I put them in protectors and looked up the value. all of them are worth about $22 each now. I believe we have 12 of them now. I like old coins like I enjoy old cars.  Maybe It is just that I like old things, reckon?

I really do not have many old coins, none of them  in the hundreds of dollars in worth, but I just enjoy them. Shirl had a small collection and we bartered for them. I have an Indian head penny, a couple Mercury dimes and about 5 buffalo nickels.  Among Shirl's stuff I got 4 mint condition 1990 quarters and a Confederate $100 bill, I tried to spend it, the little girl said she thought it was counterfeit.  

When we were at the bank I finally replenished my gold dollars. I like to keep some in my pocket to give to kids.  I've been without for a long time.

We move Sunday, to Wekiwa Springs State Park near Apopka. It is closer to the area we are hoping to buy. Over there we will have to be aware of the Orlando traffic. We got caught in the evening traffic from Orlando yesterday.  State parks are more fun. Rustic and you can have a camp fire, well maybe one LATE at night. LOL

I enjoyed your comments on the last entry. I liked the idea of Irene moving in with Ray.  I didn't like the idea of Irene being ready to move, but the PIT not moving.

I have started doing some chicken/shrimp stir fry for my cooking days. Most of our cooked meals last two meals.
(The house we are looking at is about 25 miles from DAytona beach)
About house hunting. Kathi said I would get the instructions for wiring the earnest money on the house (I did), but  not to do it until she saw the signed contracts.  Evidently it will not be today. LOL

Another scatteractic post.

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Two auto pics set to me by Rose a couple years back



I'm sitting out on that beach. Gosh it looks good. Hope all goes according to your plans. Fingers crossed.

betty said...

We have some old coins here from hubby's parents. We haven't done much to see what if anything they could be worth. They are fun to look at how coins have changed over the years. Looking forward to hearing the next chapter in your attempt to buy the house.

Lisa said...

I have never been a coin collector but my Dad was/is. I never could understand holding on to something of worth and never worthing it. Did that make any since?
You are lucky to be so near to the ocean. Cant wait to read stories of you move.

From dry hot NC

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are in a more comfortable place as you wait. Being closer is a good idea anyway. It will be what it will be but the waiting isn't easy.

Unknown said...

I don't know anything about coins. They were just taking up space in my cabubet. Hope you find something you like. You know if a person had a dog
you can hardly get the smell out of the house. I remember the junk we had
to get rid of when we bought the house beside us in Charlotte. It took You, Sherry and Mark to clean it out. Remember they painted around the refrigerator
in the kitchen rather than moving it. We have experience lots during our life time.

Mevely317 said...

That's pretty cute, your trying to 'pass' Confederate currency! :)

I'm pretty sure some of my dad's coins remain in the old hope chest. I've never had much interest; perhaps my son will someday ....

PS - The gold dollars are a great tradition! My dad's brother used to send all us kids a $2 bill in our birthday cards.

Rick Watson said...

I'm not familiar with gold dollars. I need to look that up.