Friday, April 20, 2012

Moved, no forwarding address..

I cannot believe ‘MY’ Wrens. They left without saying goodbye,  This gives new meaning to the ‘empty nest syndrome’.  Do they just use a nest for hatching the brood then fly off with not as much as a howdy do? Here is the empty nest:
empty nest 001empty nest 002
Well at least I will get to use my scrub brushes I I need them.  Next year I will put more bird houses out. I am still watching the Chicadees in the bird house, the upper house did not get a resident. I will close up the windows with screens.  I hate for them to build on some tools I might need.
while living on Lake Dora in Tavares, Florida I made friends with some Moorhens. the couple above. They produced the ones on the pier and in the lake below.
I could call them and they would come running. Before they were born mama, decided she would build on our pontoon boat.  I would go out and tell her she could not do that, and would move the nest to a 5 gal bucket. She would then that evening move the whole nest back on the boat. Then I would move it back. I finally put her a little curtain for privacy, and she left it.
100_2159I enjoyed watching the progress, it was probably the most enjoyable thing about living on the lake. She would let me fish just a few feet from her.  Of course I fed her and Mr. Moorhen. 
She had four and chewed me out if I wanted to fish while she was mothering them.
And when she forced them off the pier into the water, I made them a carpeted ramp to get back on the pier (cannot find the picture).They never left us, but the Wrens, I am gonna miss them and their ability to work around me and feed those babies every 2-3 minutes. How did they know which was the last one they fed?
Thanks for coming this way. I know you have a lot better things to do.
Nite Shipslog
Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving….
1937 Ford her yr
Sherry with a 1937 Ford convertible, her year.  This was at a Eustis, Florida car show. On the shore of lake Eustis.


Chatty Crone said...

You are not learning a thing when your talking! lol

I love all your birds and the nests they have made and you have made for them.


Ken Riches said...

Sorry the wrens have flown the coop so to speak.

Paula said...

Don't know who is the cutest. Sherry or the car.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy and sad to see you birdies go. I guess they had done what they needed to do. I used to hang baskets of flowers on my front porch in the spring and those birds always built there nests in them and killed out my flowers so I had to stop doing that. No more flowers on the porch for me. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. We dropped 30 degrees over night. Chilly here for sure.

Lucy said...

Hey Jack and Sherry, I made it to your blog. Finally have made it to a few this morning. It is 42 here this morning and chilly outside. Love the pictures. I discovered, now that I am in a more aware state, that I have a card saying I have an artificial knee and if I would have any type of surgery or dental work done I would need to tell them to take precautions because any infection will go straight to the knee. Meant to put that on my blog but just remembered it.

Y said...

What sweetness there is in taking time with nature!

shirl72 said...

My yard is full of birds and
squirrels. I feed them and they
have yet to thank me. They will run new ones off will not let them eat. I think 2 squirrels are a
basket case.

Your birds left so they would not have to pay last month's rent.


Debbie said...

Sorry your wrens left you. They were just running from the bill collectors like you do. Haha


LOVE the bird stories. Sorry to hear the WRENS up and left. I know you'll MISS them, for sure. LOVE Sherry and that convertible. It suits her. take care.

Anonymous said...

Made me think how I spend hours today playing with my son on the playground ...
Please have you all a good Sunday ahead.