Thursday, April 19, 2012

Took a break

In 1958 I got one of those wild hairs. I had been working at a job for a week or so, my job? Placing ‘This Week Magazine and the funnies’ in the Sunday paper. I got this job after searching for a job for over two & a half months. The times were like now, a job was hard to find. But Sherry was pregnant, working to support us and there was no insurance so, I found myself at the USAF recruiting office. I joined the Air Force.

I was sent to Biloxi, Mississippi. My dad being a minister had called a minister in Biloxi, Rev. C.H. Matthews, and ask him to help us find a place to live. (We called all Christians, Brother and Sister at that time.) Bro Matthews drove us around until we found a 1 BR apt one block off the beach and one block from Main St. We got settled in with the roaches and mosquitos.

We fell in love with the Matthews. During this time we also met Fred Alton Brannen and his wife Frances.  We all fell in love with the Matthews. After we left Biloxi the Matthews became Missionaries ant traveled all over the world seeing 47 different countries.

I said all that to say, we got a call from the Matthew’s they were going to be in Ranlo, NC at a half way house.  We were able to go and see their presentation. They are well into their 80’s now, but the presentation was a bang-up job.

We learned a lot we did not know about them, and had a nice visit. It was a good break and such a nice thing to see someone who meant a lot to us in our younger years.

Bro. Matthews was also very instrumental in Fred and Frances’s lives, they also became Missionaries and served in several countries. Both these couples served as troops in the field and later as administrators, because of their knowledge.

So tonight this entry is to two couples who have served, and gave their lives for a cause they feel so strongly about, spreading the gospel of Christ.

Bishop & Mrs. C.H. Matthews

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Brannen Familytennesee 006

Bishop Fred & Frances Brannen


Shucks we knew them before they were somebody!!!!

Nite Shipslog


Unusual signs over the world:

Hotel, Japan:



1959 Ramble cross country (Its real falacy was an aluminum head.)

We owned one of these. Only problem was the aluminum head. I cracked one and borrowed $60 from the bank, for 6 months to buy one!!!!

Yep, like most folks, Sherry ain’t always been rich.  LOL


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have some amazing and wonderful friends for sure. Taking a break like that is great! It was a beautiful day in Ohio with a little rain and lots of sunshine here...our boomerang weather continues though as they say we'll be back in the 40's on the weekend.


It is wonderful to revist the past. Spending time with friends who had such a profound influence on you as young people, spreading the WORD is an honor indeed. take care.

Paula said...

Two wonderful couples you and Sherry have had the honor to know.

Helen said...

Your friends served a Great Master.

Anonymous said...

Nice salute to your friends. God bless them for all they've done.

Chatty Crone said...

You have wonderful friends. All filled with the Lord. Hey I didn't know you were a minister. sandie

Louis la Vache said...

Ah! The Rambler! Mitt Romney's father, George, was running American Motors when that car was built. The Rambler was his baby. He staked his career and the future of the company on those cars. That was part of the reason why he walked away from the planned merger with Studebaker and Packard when he suddenly became the boss at American Motors when George Mason died.

Debbie said...

Glad you and Sherry got to visit with old friends. I'm sure the visit brought back lots of memories.

Dad & Mom had an old station wagon when I was a kid but I can't remember what kind it was. Needed lots of room to haul 9 kids around. My brother who was a year younger than me would take me out in the field in that old car and try to teach me how to drive a straight shift. In the meantime Dad bought a car that was automatic and that was all she wrote I never did learn how to drive a straight shift.

Love ya!