Monday, April 2, 2012

May I Misdirect your attention?

This is for you kids who haven’t had the thrill of turning 70,71,72,73  etc. If you live long enough my friends you will enjoy the thrill at looking in the mirror and finally admitting, “Dang, I look too good to be dead!” (today’s pictures say it all!)


You have read the stuff sent in mass across the net about getting old; you have laughed at a lot of folks. I have several good friends who love to send that cr-- to me.(Hinting that I am old) LOL


Misdirection is a great thing in the life of a magician, he gets you intentionally looking at his right hand when his left hand is doing the dirty. BUT, misdirection is not always good in your life. Today was a good example. We took our ‘OLD’ pastor and his young wife out for a farewell lunch today. We visited and talked for a good while, then we went our separate ways.


Sherry got a call, ‘Have you seen my purse?’ Juanita asked, ‘If you don't have it, I must have left it at the Restaurant.’


Being a magician, right away, I said, ‘She was carrying the left overs and talking, the little box of left overs, satisfied her subconscious mind,  her mind knew she always carried something (doesn’t every woman?), and the box satisfied her subconscious that she had what she came in with.


Before you jump on the sweet Juanita, I have a few things to say. I am younger than she and I am about to admit to something's that most RV’ers would never admit to. First, one back ground incident. When we first started RV’ing I was looking directly  at a coach when he drove off with everything still hooked up, water, sewer and electric. What a mess; sparks flying, water shooting in the air and sh— all over the ground.. Down inside I smiled, thinking, that old man needs to quit driving and go home.



Well over the last 15 years I have done it all, thank goodness not at one time, but I have moved the coach with some connection still hooked, and that because my mind was misdirected by another action. Even young drivers will take off with their steps out or the TV antennae still up.  We get side tracked or misdirected.  Ok, sometimes I get plain confused. LOL!


(Same size, but not us,Driver was misdirected)

(I was thinking of our dear friend Paula, John got her mind misdirected then jumped in the cab of the truck carrying a live kicking, sh—ing calf.  Everyone got a laugh out of that ‘cept Pauline!)


(Did I take a wrong turn, where are the tracks? I shoulda had the 2nd cup of coffee!)


(This is leaving a Higgins boat much too soon!)

Thanks for reading this junk.

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Let me tell you about my doctor:

One patient came in and said, "Doctor, I have a serious memory problem." The doctor asked, "When did it start?" The man replied, "When did what start?"



Louis  is an expert on auto’s of the past. He is a Packard man! This is a 1958 Packard. I don’t think I ever saw one in real life. It looks a lot like the Desoto, methinks.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometimes I wonder if I do some things because of old age, but have found young people doing the same many times so I don't worry about it. None of us are perfect and our minds do get misdirected easily I've always said I never have time to get into anybody else's business because I'm too busy keeping track of myself.
Hope you all have a great Monday

Ally Lifewithally said...

Thanks for showing us those pictures ~ I really enjoyed seeing them ~ and reading your entry ~ Ally x

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Seeing my son grow, makes me a bit nervous ;) enjoy it though very much. Currently I teach him how to write ...

Please have you all a good Tuesday.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Sometimes I realize that after I walk into the kitchen and then have no idea what I went for, I think maybe the "home" is waiting for me.

It then occurs to me that my mind is always turning and I'm thinking of several things at the same time, causing me to sometimes lose the original thought. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Great pictures, Jack! Tell Sherry I said hi.


shirl72 said...

That car looks a little like
a 59 Dodge.

The purse thing has happened to me becsuse I had something in my hand. Someone was with me and said don't forget your purse thank goodness. So many things start
happening and it "AIN'T FUN". Thats
OK we were not born this age.


Paula said...

I'm not over that episode yet. My best friend from high school is in rehab here in my town so I'm trying to sit with her for a couple of hours each day. She and her roommate are telling me I'm going to catch their forgetfulness. They don't know I already have it.

betty said...

Juanita find her purse? Oh my gosh with the RV on the rocks! Can you imagine how hard it was to tow that out? I think we do get distracted a lot in life and do things like that, especially if tired or under stress. When I look at the mirror these days, I'm like "how did it happen so fast?" My brain says 30, my body says over 50 and counting :)



LOVE those photos of looking in the mirror. they sure tell the story and you did too. I once left the keys in my ignition, car running, locked the door and went shopping. An hour later, when I came outside... I was SHOCKED. Old age? LOL I was in my 30's. Hope Juanita got her purse back. Take care.

Louis la Vache said...

Boy! Been there - done that with the mirror! «Louis» rolled over to 65 on Sunday, but still thinks he's 28!

Re the Packard hardtop coupe - yes, that roofline is very reminiscent of the roofline used on the '57-'59 Chrysler and DeSoto hardtops. Studebaker also offered it in the Commander and President series. Of the '58 Packards, only 675 of these hardtops were built. Between the four body styles offered (4 door sedan, 4 door wagon, 2 door hardtop, and the Hawk), only 2622 1958 Packards were built. There were 2 Studebaker trucks built, but badged as Packards that were exported to South America. Packard had not built a truck since the 19-teens, a curious end to this once-great marque.

Louis la Vache said...

...oh - and don't miss «Louis'» Studebaker post today...