Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doctor’s appt. progress on the Building

Early this morning, we got up before breakfast. Headed to Charlotte and my ear Dr. appt. I am not sure if the appt done any good, seems to be worse, but then my hearing is deteriorating more. He said, “You must tell folks to speak slow and distinctively, and always face you. If you tell them that and they do not do it, do not speak to with them again, they are not your friend!”

He then immediately turned to his computer and continued talking to me, I thought about just refusing to talk to him since he must not be my friend. LOL.**********

Then I had my blood drawn, nice lady and very efficient. She drew 9 vials of blood!!!

When we got back home Mark and Henry were busy on the storage building.

Shed tues 001Shed tues 002

The back wall was up and the other walls laid out. I continued to work on my ‘under house’ lawn Mower garage, and got it ready.

Shed tues 012

While they put up two more walls.

Shed tues 007

the Chickadees seemed to work around us very well. I added the Hummingbird feeder, but haven’t seen any yet.

Shed tues 005

As you can see the new building will attach to the  existing smaller metal building. The sheathing is missing in the back to pass lumber thru since the material is on the back side.

Shed tues 006

This is the inside the area just this side of the metal wall is where I hope to put the washer and dryer. I have been trying to repair them while all this is going on, but that is another story.

We ended the day with Pressure cooked Chicken, gravy, with rice, peas and biscuits. We also  threw a quick version of Ambrosia. It was good. We had five eating in the motor home, plus the grand dog, MJ.

Thanks for coming by the Log.

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Doesn't "expecting the unexpected"

Make the unexpected expected? (just sayin’)



Delivery truck of days gone by!

1920 Packard 7 TON (SEVEN TON!!!)


Paula said...

Your storage shed is going to be nice and I really like the idea of the lawnmower garage.

shirl72 said...

Building looking good. Waiting to
see the finished storage shed.

Have you thought about opening a cafeteria with all the guest you have been feeding. Come one come
all. LOL


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Now that you have walls there I think it is bigger than it looked without them. Your dinner sounds great and I'm sure it was all the better for sharing it too. Take it from one that eats alone most of the time, food does taste better when you have someone to share it with.


A day of hard work. And a good meal with those you love. As for getting 9 vials of blood drawn. OUCH. take care.

Chatty Crone said...

What are they looking for with all that blood? I am sorry about your hearing. And tell me - what are you building and where are you building it and what is it for? sandie

Anonymous said...

Doctors can be pretty funny can't they? LOL

Your building is looking great...lots of storage space!

Back when I ate meat...loved chicken cooked in the pressure cooker! Great sounding meal!

Fred Alton said...

Jack, Had to laugh at the doctor's instructions and then he immediately ignored his own instructions! - Love the pictures of the building you and Mark are working on, especially the place for parking the lawnmower. Good work, friend.

Louis la Vache said...

Where do you find these rare vehicles to post?!
Few people remember that Packard once built trucks. In World War I, Packard trucks played an important role in the Allied defeat of Germany as did Packard-built aircraft engines. BTW - the famous PT boats of WWII were powered by four Packard V12s. Packard got out of the truck business just after WWI, but continued to build aircraft and marine engines right up to the end in 1956.

DD said...

Your building is looking good. Being a builder, don't you love seeing walls going up!!

Looks like a lot of nice storage space, wash room, etc. and a nice spot for the lawn equiptment.