Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am busier than I planned

I did take time to watch my birds. I am fascinated the mommy and daddy constantly fly from early morn to night to feed the little guys. They are some real hungry little dudes.

I have one nesting in the smaller shed. I met one of the parents close up. I scared him or her. The bird was within 2 feet of me and done a quick reversal. they enter thru the Jalousie  window. I love birds. I never will forget our youngest son once looking out the back door at the birds and saying, “How can they live with our arms?” It was a real puzzle to him.

roofing 001

The first project is on it’s way. We have a rental house with great folks in it. We are adding a new roof and getting rid of a flat roof in the corner.  It is a little extra work but cuts down on leak problems.  Flat roofs are always a leak waiting to happen.

roofing 002

(This is Henry on the roof!)

I started the rood the way I wanted it and My son and his helper finished it. Our youngest son was a general contractor, a very good builder. Now since the down turn he is taking what he can to get some income. Most of the time he does what is called ‘scrapping’, finding discarded metal and selling it. It is honest ‘hard’ work, but he actually seems to have started enjoying it, but it is hard and very dirty work.  His income is much less than min. wages, he is not eligible for unemployment or any of the ‘free’ government assistance. 

That is the down side of being self employed, there is NO UNEMPLOYMENT. You use your savings, then you start selling things. BUT most self employed folk understand and know that.  some revert or turn to the bottle or drugs. That is always a danger.

Anyway, the roofing job is underway and I can turn to my main goal, of a nice storage area.

roofing 005

Son Jack just stopped by and brought a quart of vegan collards.  Shirl stopped by to sample them.

roofing 004

If I did not get by to visit & comment, be assured I read as much as I could get to. But it became today before I knew it.  hahahaha

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Why do they call it a TV set

When you only have one?


This is a 1949 Ford Convertible.  The Fords were FAST. Kids could ‘get rubber’ in all gears with that flat head v-8.  I was never a Ford guy, but I respected them.


Cher' Shots said...

Wow, a roofing job - you're an ambitious one. We finally got a little rain today but its still calling for a few snow flakes to fall. That warm weather a few weeks ago really spoiled us - what a tease!
'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

That roof is coming along good. I had the experience of a part of a flat roof on a rental. No fun! Nice picture of your Sissie.

Chatty Crone said...

You are right about a couple things - flat roofs - who invented those? Glad your son is there to help. Second when you are self employed it is rough. I'm sorry he is going thru such a rough time. sandie

shirl72 said...

The organic collards were very
good. So glad to see JJ loved
his new hair cut he is a handsome
boy. Glad to see the Granddog
MJ he sure wanted to get to his
Grandpa. She knows you understand her because of the hearing. A good
time was had by all.



ROOF looks GREAT. Prayers for your son. Hope a BIG job comes along that generates some cash to keep his business going. You all are keeping busy. You sound HAPPY. ENJOY this time with the family. take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lots of folks have changed their way of making a living and find ways to make do. Nothing lasts forever and this won't either. Hope your son can hang in there, we never know when opportunity is going to knock. One thing I've learned is that life never ceases to surprise me. I'm enjoying my coffee here at my camper this morning. My SIL helped to get everything hooked up yesterday and I'll be heading back home sometime today. The wonderful news is that there were no mice in my camper !!! First time since I've been parked here.

Hope your Monday is a great one!

Louis la Vache said...

The '49-'51 Fords still look good! That car saved Ford - despite the earnings of the defense contracts from WWII, old Henry had let the company atrophy. HIs son, new at the helm, scrapped the cars already planned for '49 and saw to it that this design went into production.
Robert Bourke, who styled the beautiful '53 Studebaker Starliner was part of the design team that created the '49 Ford. Bourke was a very talented car stylist.

Debbie said...

When scrap metal prices skyrocketed everybody and their Granny around here started hauling it. Good money for those who took the time to strip and seperate the various metals to get #1 grade price. Problem is the theives got in on the action and started stealing everything they could get their hands on and vehicle enforcement started pulling people over when they saw they were hauling loads of scrap and giving them tickets for anything they could think of. And then there's the problem of so many vehicles being hauled for scrap it's hard to find used parts anymore when you need them and lots of good usable metal has been hauled to scrap metal yards. Gary has hauled some but he's very picky about what he gets rid of and he keeps what he thinks he can use. That stuff ain't cheap when ya have to buy it new.
You do what ya have to do when the going gets tough to make ends meet. It's a good thing we like bologna. haha

Love ya

Dar said...

Hate flat roofs. We have one that has a bit of a pitch but I do believe, Bill is going to finally put an end to our leaky spring miseries. Looks like we need to hire your son. Sure wish he was closer than half the USA away. Prayers for more work for him. He sounds like a go-getter and the good Lord will see to his needs., one way or another.
Those vegan Collards look right good...what's the 'pink' I see floating around in there? No matter, I'll try anything once and usually love anything that goes down the shoot. Family is looking happy...look at that gorgeous Shirl. Are you sure she's your sister?...just kidding. You all are a handsome/gorgeous bunch.

Fred Alton said...

Hey, Jack and Sherry! Glad to read that you are safely back home and I know you are enjoying being with your kids and with Shirl. Your roofing job looks good. The Tellico Church sufferred serious damages to the roofs of both Church and Parsonage during the recent tornado there. They have put on a metal roof now. I've been out of "it" lately and not reading blogs as much. I try to get here and see yours but don't always comment because I've had some serious weak spells...but am regaining strength slowly. Trouble starts when I have chemo and usually lasts for a full week. Then when I'm feel better, they "zap" me again. I'm still day-dreaming and scheming for the 100 mile wilderness on the AT!!!

DD said...

Enjoyed the post and nice pictures. Love the motor home!
I can not help but notice the 1949 ford Convertable. I have to tell had a new 1958 Plymouth Convertable once, drove it for years and across country several times. I think I have some old b & w pictures of it, maybe I can find. Mmmm, so long ago.