Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April’s Fool day…

Yep, I am getting old. I forgot to say that Juanita did find her purse, all there. I can remember when April first was one of the best days of the year for fun.  Then Like today, after April’s Fool day, some one would try a joke and get the standard, “April Fool’s has past, you are the biggest fool at last!”

The only one I can remember that Sherry tells, was when Lennie (her older sister) was visiting us when we were stationed in Norfolk. I was probably out on a short cruise. Lennie was washing dishes and said, “Oh Sherry, come and see this giant pink rabbit!”  Sherry said she bought it hook, line and sinker, went quickly to the window and Lennie said ‘April Fool!’.

I  know it was a lot of fun at school on April first.

Some of the biggest ones were:

Burger King once announced it would produce the Left-Handed Whopper on April first.

Taco Bell announced they had bought the Liberty Bell and it was going to be renamed The Taco Liberty Bell. It got too much coverage and at a press conference, when asked about it, the press Sec. said, ‘Oh yes, and we can use the money, so Ford has offered to buy the Lincoln Memorial and rename it Ford Lincoln and Mercury Monument.’

Someone made an announcement after Nixon resigned that He was going to run for president again, with the slogan “I have done nothing wrong and I promise not to do it again!”  It went well with Rich little doing the voice impersonations.

There was a nation wide joke in Sweden. The Technical Advisors announced that Sweden would get Color TV 2yrs ahead of schedule. But to receive it on April first, you had to stretch a nylon stocking over the picture tube.  This was done on national TV with a demo of how to install the stocking.  Thousands fell for the ruse.

Of course the biggies I researched on the net, but what about you? Do you remember any?

Thanks for reading this stuff.

Nite Shipslog


My sweet sister Kat, answered the phone once to the following message. “This is the phone company maintenance, your line has too much static and we have been ordered to ‘blow the lines out’, so please put you receiver in a paper bag to keep the dust from spreading. we will commence in one minute, thank you!”

Yes, this was about 1947 she was 16 and newly married, she did it. But that girl could take a joke, she laughed with the folks who pulled the stunt.



I ran across this Chenard and Walcker 1919, one I had never heard of, but I did find it was a French company and they built cars until 1946.


This is one of their 1913 autos, pretty little sucker ain’t it!.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've had a lot of good jokes played on me and yes, April fools day was always fun. Even the teachers at school would get into it. Now it seems not so popular, but I do love a good laugh. Laughing is something people don't seem to do as much of either. Someone used to always have a good joke to tell and they weren't dirty or use bad language either. I've not heard a good one in awhile. I hadn't heard about the one blowing static out of the phone or stretching nylon over the tv...Thanks for SMILES today!

shirl72 said...

I remember someone calling and
would ask Is you refrig. running.
when you said yes, they would
say here it comes down the street
better hurry and catch it. April
fool. I know there is more but
can't remember any more.


Ken Riches said...

Glad Pursegate is done.

betty said...

I liked reading all the previous April Fool's jokes you listed, Jack. Too funny! Got son with a April Fool's prank this year. When he was getting ready to drive to see his girlfriend, when he was still in the bathroom finishing up with his shower, I asked him if he had felt the earthquake earlier that morning. He said he hadn't. I said he better double check the roads because I had heard some roads were buckled and closed. He was like "oh, okay". I started laughing a bit so I went into the kitchen and hubby stepped in. Son asked if he felt the earthquake, how strong it was, etc. Hubby just answered the questions matter of fact. Son totally believed us, LOL. We let it go a few minutes and then said "April Fool's". It was a good laugh!



LOVE April F0OL's Jokes and Pranks. They always make me smile. Good clean fun. It nice to have a day to let loose. PS) Glad Juanita found her purse. It had me worried. take care.

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
You got ol' «Louis» with the Chenard-Walcker.
He had never heard of this one!