Saturday, April 21, 2012


Picture just as I was setting the floor joists.

empty nest 001

Well, we made it another week. the progress on the little building is going well.  The floor is in and I am digging a little to make  lawnmower garages underneath.

Made it to a couple yard sales. Found another keyboard, new HP for $3. Am I the only one who wears the letters off they key board? This one is not over 3 months old, and the E,D,N & M ARE GOING. Yeah I know where they are but most of the time I am looking at my keyboard instead of the monitor.  The mark of a novice at a Key board.  hahahaha.

Oh, I have gotten a couple pictures of the little Chickadees that live in the birdhouse out side. They amaze me flying into that little hole very fast, But some times they pose before going in..

empty nest 002

And show off when leaving..

empty nest 004empty nest 005

This has been a fun break, to watch and learn to be a busy being when necessary, then maybe you can just fly around, FREE AS A BIRD!

Thanks for coming by the motor home and the log.

Something else I have been noticing, the Shipslog has now gotten over a 101,000 page views, since coming to blogger, add to that the 35,000 on AOL Journals and I am very satisfied, that is nice.

I bet Chatty , Jimmy and Betty (on the bench!) have millions!!!! 

Nite Shipslog


Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they know there is not enough in the account?


We went walking tonight and I saw three classics and did not have my camera.

A beautiful Metro just like this but a hardtop.1954Met

A 1958 Chevy convert. and an old Jeep truck restored. I guess I will learn to take the camera


Melanie said...

Jack.......get yourself some letter stickers for your keyboard...small ones....and stick them on instead of getting a new keyboard!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to see your work is coming right along. I love watching the birds. We have chickadees at our feeders but so far there have been no takers on the birdhouse this spring. Last year we had a little wren there but she is not back this year. I had a great day with the family. Tomorrow I'm headed for a short stay at the camper. Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

The little black and white chickadee cuts a fine figure against the yellow of the birdhouse.
I don't wear out my computer keys. Maybe I don't use them as much, or maybe I'm gentler on them?
I like the picture of the floor joists. It's fun to watch a building go up.

Paula said...

We saw some birds hopping around near the well at the ranch. I think they were Kildees. Oh you're smart to build your own little building and not move one like John did. That was a mess.

Ken Riches said...

I type hard and have never worn out a keyboard, perhaps you need fingertip lotion :o)

shirl72 said...

Glad you got a picture of the birds. Maybe they will be better
about their rent and want hurry
and leave without a notice.

My driveway alert went of today.
I went to the window to see what
had set it off. One of the squirrels was there to tell me they wanted more food. They will
not leave until every sunflower seed is gone. They are cute to
watch. I have seen lots of beautiful red birds. Happy watching. Building looking good.



Louis la Vache said...

hee hee....
There is a black and white Metropolitan in San Francisco with the license "Pepe."

The Metropolitan was approved by George Mason before he died and George Romney took Mason's place at American Motors. It was powered by an engine AM bought from Austin in the UK.

DD said...

You have some beautiful birds to watch! We have cardinals in a fig tree outside our bedroom window and the funny things is that I cannot open the blinds, because the male bird attacks the glass window if I do. Otherwise, he doesn't. The exact same last year.

I am thinking about your keyboard. Could it be that keyboard letters and floor joists don't get along well? Just

Chatty Crone said...

I agree sometimes you have to take a break - to get started again. lol Love your bird houses and birds.

I saw your chalk drawing - you need to blog about it and your journey.


Anonymous said...

No matter my vocabulary ;), I had to ask the bf about "floor joists" even with the picture. I may know a few fancy words(as you've said), but you can build a house!


Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Easy does it. Keyboards always drive my hubby crazy too. the one he uses has letters and numbers fading away. That $3 bargain you found, though is priceless. ENJOY! Take care.