Thursday, April 26, 2012

I’m working On the Building

Funny, I remember that song from my child hood. We sang it in church a lot. We also sang a song about “I’m On my Way to Cannan’ Land”, I remember singing loudly, ‘If the Preacher don’t go, won’t hinder me!’  Shucks and my daddy was the preacher and I didn’t even think of that! LOL
We made up a bunch of stuff too,  sacrilegious for sure, but kids didn’t mean anything by it, I think God has a sense of humor, I see some of his creation.  Don’t you just love a monkey?
Anyway I remember one line, ‘On a hill far away, stood an old Chevrolet, its fenders all battered and bent.’
Now back to the building….LOL
Mark brought two helpers today:
roof done 001
they sheeted the roof, okay, sheathed the roof.
We used architectural shingles, called Weathered wood. Here Mark and Antonio are about to set the door.
roof done 005
Henry, was completing the side sheathing.:
roof done 010
While they were busy I started digging my DITCH. Hole in the foundation then to the Motor home port.
roof done 007
Around the Motor home port.
roof done 006
around the back of the port and into the new shed.
roof done 008
This ditch will contain the water line and power lines.  Dats a lot of digging for an old man!!!
Ended the day with Sherry’s spaghetti feast. Salad, garlic bread the three types of drinks.
roof done 013
I didn’t think to take a picture until everyone had cleaned their plates.This is Luke up front, out youngest Grandson, just in from school.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite shipslog
PS:  Shirl sent me the church Bulletin bloopers:
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say "Hell" to someone who doesn't care much about you. --------------------------
This 1961 VW was a neat truck for deliveries.


Chatty Crone said...

The dinner looked great and your grandson is a cutie. Still not sure what you are using everything for. But I'm sure I'll see. sandie

Anonymous said...

OK, in these photos I see 2 storage buildings being merged together, a house foundation and a motorhome! My question is...the house is yours? So you do have a permanent address? I probably missed a memo (or post or 2 or 3) so not up on my information regarding your living/travel situation! The storage building is coming along nicely!

Anonymous said...

I got a chuckle out of the song "take offs." I think we did that too when we were kids, but Mama discouraged too much of it - she thought it was a bit sacrilegious, too.
I know a man in his eighties who still remembers the bad switching he got as a kid for adding to "Sweet By and By." When the congregation said "In the sweet," he and his friend answered, "Pass the meat." "By and by," "Pass the pie."

The building is coming right along!

Paula said...

Now I want to know where you are going to put that very large clock? I wasn't seeing things, was I?


Funny thing about you all changing the lyrics when you were kids. God does have a sense of humor, for sure. Looks like you fellas are moving right along with your project. Wonderful that you all got to eat together at end of a long day. Dinner sounds great. Your grandson is quite a handsome young man. Must take after you, Jack. LOL Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are doing well there for sure and feeding the workers is appreciated I'm sure. That is quite a ditch you have there. I guess I never realized all that goes into building. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

Louis la Vache said...

That's a very nicely restored VW. While no doubt it doesn't ride like a limo, no doubt it rides a whole lot smoother than that 1919 Nash truck you showed yesterday! It's amazing those VWs did as much as they did given how underpowered they are!

shirl72 said...

You have come along way on the
building. I knew it was going to
be big but just could not visual
it in my mind. You had to dig more
over there than you did here.
Can't wait to see the finished

I can't believe Sherry fixing a
feast after we have been walking
4 miles every day, I tired just
reading about the work. LOL
I do remember making words up to
a song.


DD said...

Those songs hit home with me. I remember both of them very well.

Your building is coming along very nicely. Everything looks great! ...even the ditch. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful where alike is possible. please have you all a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, because, you guys are retired, right?
Yeah, retired. ~Mary