Sunday, December 28, 2014

‘Mary Ann, a Friend’, my new baby….


After I finished Finally Love I went thru a dry spell, I have started two books in the last year, both are still in the WORKING stage. I wish I could describe feelings like Rick over at ‘life101’,

He would say something like ‘as dry as a wood chip in Death Valley’.  I stole one from him, last year describing the weather up in Alabama he said,(something like this) ‘feels like the soles of the devil’s shoes.’

Anyway, one day, out of the blue I had a thought about friends and what they will do for one another, and about the same time our ever present ‘pictures on screen saver’ flashed up a picture of a dear friend, Mary Ann. She is unique she has weathered many storms and still melts you with a smile.

Mary Ann Green mt 001 - Copy

(Comforting Sherry when Sherry broke her arm, note the Afghan in the back ground)

That thought grew, so I conjured up a situation where her friends could repay her for all the encouragements and atta boy’s she has dished out.

You can see my latest addition ‘Mary Ann’ at her own web page here: 

This is a large print book, the cost is high for a paper back but it is as reasonable as Createspace will allow. The book is close to 300 pages, so it drives the price up. Printing and publishing costs are determined by color (B/W being the most reasonable) and the number of pages, type of paper is another cost factor.

This book has a matte finish on the cover and I like that, it feels ‘friendly’.

If you like reading from a screen, Mary Ann is available as an e-book here for 99¢:

You can download the kindle app to your TV and then download the e-book.

All Jack Darnell e-books are 99¢ for a few months.

A gift from Mary Ann, look at the Afghans she has given my family. The one on the seat, Mark Sleeps with, Mary Ann gave it to him. Ours is on the back of the couch.

002 - Copy

I just wanted to introduce you to my latest book. When I figure to put a discount on it, I will post it.

Thanks for coming this way to let me brag on my new baby.

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Friends are dear, and to have friends you  must first show yourself friendly.



1952 Packard ‘Pan American’  I never did see one of these, but I would sure like to have one.

Thanks to ‘Louis’ from the left coast.


betty said...

Those are mighty pretty afghans that your friend, Mary Ann, made! I bet they are warm too! How neat to have a friend like her! I read the synopsis for the new book, Jack, it seems like an intriguing plot! Will have to put it on my "to read list" after the move! Wishing you much success with it!!!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congrats on your new book. Wonderful to have a friend that inspired your writing. It's a little colder today and they say maybe snow for New Years but all and all it has been nice here for December. Not as nice as you have it there, but for us it's a blessing.

Mevely317 said...

What an honor to have a friend like Mary Ann ... and in turn, honor her in this fashion. Pretty neat.

Now, I could download it to Tom's reader ... but then again, no.
I want the 'real thing' so someday(!) I might hand to you in person, asking for an autograph! :)


Got the e-book. Looking forward to reading it soon. Mary Ann sounds like a great gal.

Paula said...

So looking forward to reading your latest book. Congratulations on the finished product. The afghans are so pretty and look so soft and warm.

shirl72 said...

I am back looks like you have been
busy writing and getting your books

Good to see Mary Ann. Will get
myself settled and then will talk.
Glad to be home...

shirl72 said...

PS: I think I am through flying
it is becoming a big hassle.

Chatty Crone said...

So did I get this right - you have a wonderful friend named Mary Ann and your new book is called Mary Ann - so they kidnapped her!?"

Annesphamily said...

You have such a perfect wit for writing! I need to check these books out. Thanks for sharing. Sherry and Mary Ann are beautiful ladies and those afghans are gorgeous too.