Saturday, December 20, 2014

Potpourri, now we are in Kissimmee, FL

Click on the above and enter your address and see it snow on your house. It works wellfor us snow birds… Now for today:

We had a pleasant drive over from the beach. This is a great park, Sherwood Forest RV resort. We are again with in rock throwing distance of the famed Disney World.  This definitely is a destination place. folks love Disney and Universal Studios. Us? we are here because our membership parks are here.

We do truly like the area and while we are here some of the family comes down, we enjoy it. Last year it was Stella and her mama Sherece.

This year we expect both our sons and possibly  all of Marks kids (MATT, Luke and Sherece). We hope Stella makes is if she isn’t with her dad.

Below are some pictures from Palm Bay, where we helped mark with a couple bathrooms.


This is the original Kitchen at the house Son Mark bought in Palm Bay. Looking at the front door from the Kitchen. Below is Sherry at that sink but taken from the living room. note Mark cut an oval and added bright red for the walls.

This is taken after the renovation from the front door in.


This was the hall bathroom before Mark removed the variety of tile .


Below is Marks design He and I hung the tile.


Below is the ceiling, an artist must have lived here before, I sorta like the ceiling.


This was the Master Bath (below). Mark wanted a walk in closet. The tub was actually in terrible shape.


This is now the same room. That on the right where the tub was,  is not a shower bed ready for tile. He has all ready tiled the floor. he plans to do the walls  in the same tile as the floor.



Thanks for stopping by the Log.

Nite Shipslog.


I really get a thrill at seeing a house that has been allowed to deteriorate , being given a new life.


And if you know me, you know OLD cars grab my heart.

This is what is across from Marks new house.

PALM BAY 31 FORD 008 - Copy

A ‘1931’ Ford with the proud owner.


This of course is a beautiful hot rod. That is a small block Chevy engine with Edelbreock heads. This dude will fly.


shirl72 said...

Thanks for showing pictures of Mark's house. I am surprised
how beautiful the red looks. It
looks like a picture on the wall.
Of course I liked seeing the old

I know Mark is happy doing what
he likes to do. Glad they are all
coming for Christmas..I guess JJ
is on his way at present..I will be in Fl. Tuesday wish it was
closer to where you are staying.
Merry Christmas to you and Sherry....

betty said...

I did that thing with the address and the snow; it was an old picture they featured, probably from about 3 years ago because it still had my in laws RV and one of their cars parked in the driveway, along with hubby's car and my van.

I like the work Mark did with the house! Very nicely done in the bathroom with the tiling! I agree, Jack, about seeing spark in an old house being redone; I think we're going to see that here with it being spruced up and then some before we rent it out. I told hubby he'll have to have the person who is doing the work take pictures to let us see the progress :)

Good place for and Sherry to be so close to Christmas down by Disney.


Mevely317 said...

Sherwood Forest Park? My imagination's headed into overdrive!

Speaking of imagination ... it's pretty amazing what can be done with an idea and some elbow grease. That's a neat concept to be able to stand at one's kitchen sink and face the front door!
... and funny. I'm not at all a 'flower' person, but I love the ceiling design!

OK, now I'm off to make it snow on Ashley Drive in Arizona!

Paula said...

The house is looking so nice. I too love to see a house that has been let go come to life and look beautiful.

Cher' Shots said...

Wishing you and your beautiful bride the merriest of Merry Christmas's. We are heading down to have our family get together with the kids in the morning (21st) and then heading up to spend a few days up by Mom and family. Somebody has to keep an eye on Mel & Slim! ;)

'love & hugs from afar'

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is nice to see an older house taking on new life. It is a lot of work though. Glad to hear you've got some company coming in. Family do make the holidays bright for sure. They say we will have a white Christmas here.


Remodeling is always a chore but lots of fun too. Love the renovations. Have a good time with your family. ENJOY!