Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bub Page, Things you hate to hear

Death takes on a new meaning when it comes to a friend of your youth.

When Dad took the pastorate at Valdese, NC I met some great kids near my age. Two blocks away was Peter David Hunt, three blocks away was Guy Abee, about 3/4 mile away was Paul Settlemyer, and a mile away was Jim and Bub Page. These guys easily reachable by bicycle.

The Pages had a Pinto Pony called Frank. Frank served as a pet and a plow horse for the small farm. Frank was the first horse I ever rode by myself with a saddle, and he threw me. But Garland (the dad) said, “Get back on him.”  I did and all was well.

To me, there was nothing like the Page family, they were the best. Garland and Ethel worked and the kids had chores to do EVERY DAY around the small farm. I actually enjoyed going and helping (or getting the way) as the chores were done. Jim had the outside chores and Bub (his dad called him Baker) fixed supper. As I remember Bub baked a pone of cornbread every night. Most nights he fixed peas or beans. Milk was always there. There was a smoke house out back where Bub could cut some fat back or bacon to season with.


              Paul David Page’s Obit picture, FITTING!

For two or three years I was at their house probably 3 times a week most of the time more. Recently Jim, whose name is James Dean, informed me that Bub was very sick and wasn’t expected to live.  Bub passed away Dec. 3rd.

Some of the best evenings of my life were spent on their porch. Garland picking the guitar  and everyone singing. Bub and Jim could sing like the Everly Brothers, they could have been famous I have no doubt. Garland himself was a good singer with a mellow voice.

Bub was really Paul David Page, his name at birth. We flew kites, swam creeks and the Catawba together. Explored the mountains all the way to High Peak. Pitched horse shoes and since Garland worked at Kirksey’s we could go there and watch TV at night. Neither of our families had TV’s at the time. I remember thinking how cool is that? Having a key to the back door of Kirksey’s Furniture Store?

Bub was witty. He always had a come-back.  But it was the friendship, Jim and Bub were friends when I needed a friend. Valdese will always hold a special spot in my heart. Jim and Linda will miss their brother. Bub had a family I never met, they will miss him terribly, Bub was one personable dude. 

Even thought I am not around, I will miss knowing Bub Page is not there anymore. We saw him last at Myra’s, where he, Sherry, Shirl, Jim, Linda, Robby, Betty and I  joked a lot. We remembered meeting last as kids, at the Rat Hole (Valdese Sandwich Shop).

Life takes a lot of turns, but to my friend Paul Page, I wish fair winds and following seas as you travel into the unknown before I do my friend. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised on the other side. I loved you as a brother. I will miss you.

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Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack; I'm sorry. Another puzzle piece of one's childhood gone away.

Still, I suspect Bub is honored to see this ... from his sweet 'perch' as it were.

betty said...

So sorry on the loss of your friend, Jack; he and his family seemed very special! It is hard when we realize someone we loved and spent a lot of time with as a youth is no longer with us; it makes us think twice about our own mortality.

(loved the 3D truck picture!)


Cindi said...

Sorry for your loss. Amazing how God puts people in our lives. True loves, family, friends. Sometimes they're all wrapped together in a neat package. Such as your friend Bub. "Wishing" you the best.

Unknown said...

Good tribute, makes me wish I had known him and makes me feel as if I had.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry for the loss of yet another good friend. It's good to have a lot of old friends with those wonderful memories but it also means saying good bye to them. You did a great job of that for Bub. Another dark and dreary old day in Ohio. Turning the lights on in the day time is not a good thing, but there are needed here. Hoping you have some of that bright beautiful Floriday sunshine there. No, I do not think you'd enjoy winter in Ohio at all.

Elizabeth said...

So sorry that you have lost another friend. It was a wonderful tribute!

Jackie said...

I cried when I read this, Jack.
I'm so sorry that your friend passed away.
What a beautiful post about him. I offer my sincerest condolences to you.


A lovely tribute to your dear friend. I am sorry he has passed on. You have my deepest sympathy. The memories are what sustain us.

shirl72 said...

Jack what a wonderful tribute
to Bub. They were a wonderful
family and worked together.
I know you enjoyed going to their
home. You talked about them having
chores and would complete them
before coming out to play. His
Dad and Friend sounded just like
the Everly Brothers singing What fun going to Furniture Store and watching TV. Those were the good
ole days...

Glad we went to see them..

Jackie said...

Wednesday, Dec. 10
I also want to add that we got a very nice card in the mail from you today. Thank you so much, my friend....

Woody said...

Sorry for your Loss, We just buried my 1st Cousin yesterday, Loss is a hard thing to accept, I never believed the Old saying that "You'll get over it, I feel you just learn to live with it!!

~mel said...

A beautiful tribute to your friend. So sorry for your loss. Isn't it comforting though to know as Christians we know that Earth is only our temporary home and that our day will come when we will again be reunited in Heaven with all those who have gone before us. {{HUGS}}

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Jack - I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. What a wonderful tribute to him.