Monday, December 29, 2014

The REAL Odd couple

The odd couple, our sons, Jack and Mark.  We smile after and during every cherished visit of our two boys (Now in their mid-50’s)

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Son Jack is orderly to a fault. Everything is laid out in an order. He learned the  word  ‘juxtaposition’ early in his life. He likes his clothes sorta like a uniform; neat, matching and clean.  He is ‘a brain’.  He can and does, run a courier service office, dispatch and open new offices, hire and fire.  BUT prefers to drive & deliver.  He is the spare tire and fills in for every job in the company when they are short. When he comes to visit, his clothes will be neat, in a suitcase or on hangers.



Son Mark?..

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(Yeah, this Navy Chief had long haired sons)

He worked for me (one of the best workers I ever had) then with my blessings he studied, tested, then became a general contractor and started his own company.  He seems to love to be messy. He doesn’t care if his clothes are torn, ragged or even (really) dirty.  When he comes to visit his clothes will be loose, on the back seat of his truck, MJ will be sleeping on them. He doesn’t mind eating with his fingers and wiping them on his pants. (He does clean up well, though). However, he is a brilliant builder. Where I always enjoyed the simple, affordable homes, Mark likes the fancy, steep roofs, high tray ceilings, etc. He prefers custom homes, I preferred speculating.

That is our odd couple, neither of us can figure whose sons they are!!!!Surprised smileOpen-mouthed smile

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There is nothing wrong with being odd, but being mean is another story.


This is Mark:



Now the couch is comfortable!

This is Jack:



BUT thru it all, they are good sons!


Unknown said...

Nice post. It's all about appreciating individuality.

Cindi said...

yep, lol got two of my own...Eldest neat as a pin, Po-boi???...he makes Oscar Madison look neat. lol


Great story. Love the fact that your son's are individuals who express themselves in real ways.

Paula said...

Sounds like John and I, the odd couple. I've stopped cleaning his room, it does no good. My daughters are different too, not in cleanliness but other ways. I guess that's what makes the world go round.

shirl72 said...

I will agree you have two good
sons. They have always been ready
to help me when needed. That Jack, Jr. was right at the airport to
get me upon returning from FL.
They are both smart in what it
requires to do good jobs. I am
proud to be their Aunt Shirl
Love the pictures..

Rick Watson said...

Neither Jilda nor I are neat freaks, but when things get too far out of order, we both stress.

My shed is a wreck, but I plan to wait until spring to put it in order.

Happy New Year Jack.

betty said...

Too cute to read the comparisons between your two sons, what is neat is the relationship you have with them to this day, that is neat.


Dar said...

It sure takes all kinds to make our world go's wonderful.
Great photos of the kids, lads, now men. We have been blessed with our individual youngins', haven't we.
Hugs to you and dear sweet Sherry.
Bill and I were just talking about you two...if your ears were ringing, it was us. LoveYou2 and Happy New Year.

Mevely317 said...

This post is so cute! Being a 'lonely only' and having an 'only' child myself, it's sometimes a challenge to relate to sibling differences -- but I sure enjoy hearing about them!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Ya done good, Jack! Your boys look great! Glad you and Sherry could spend some time with them.

Tell them I said "Hello" and you and Sherry have a great New Year!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can appreciate their uniqueness. Each of my seven children are like that, very different and very wonderful in their own way. We have sunshine here today but very cold outside. It'll be a busy day here as some of the characters in my family will be stopping over later and there are some things that need be done before then. Hope you both enjoy your day. Have a terrific Tuesday !

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful tribute to your wonderful sons! We are all so unique and different. Love seeing this post. Hugs, Anne