Saturday, July 21, 2012

What’s in a name, to borrow from The Lady Pauline!

Paula got me to thinking of the town names in this part of Pennsylvania.  We have Lancaster, York, Harrisburg (Sherry was a Harris so she likes that), Oregon, Millersville and Elizabethtown.
They also have some odd (to me) town names such as: Ronks, Brunnerville, Vintage, Kinzers and Knauertown.

These towns were named by the Amish and Dutch folk.  We (not Amish or Mennonites) are referred to as ‘English’. So to us some of the names are exotic, strange and we smile when we see or hear them, so much so that the tourists buy more stuff featuring these ‘Exotic’ names than other souvenirs of our stay in Amish Country.

There is Lititz, as apposed to big, I guess. Jimmy would not go there. It is interesting to see the high spirited horses of the Amish folk as they prance and trot along the highways and bi-ways, in and out of the town of ‘Bird-in-Hand’(folks from the UK would smile more than folks here..The Amish have long ago accepted the fact that folks pay to come and see them and their way of life.

You leave Churchtown, thru Goodville and you come to Blue Ball. That is close to Bareville. Head south to “Intercourse” if you continue you reach “Paradise”. Once you reach Paradise you can go East to Downingtown or West to Soudersburg. You will cross Cherry lane which is near Paradise lane.

As I said these names are common and do not even raise a question to the locals, when we, as the visiting English do a lot of smiling, some women do a lot of out and out laughing..

Lady Pauline just got me to thinking of her post, “What is in a name”.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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5555555 the Thing, REmember

Yes, there was a vehicle called ‘The Thing’ and this is it. Volkswagen put it out, It was not pretty.

The thing

But it was different.


betty said...

I remember the Thing and seeing a few on the street when they first came out; they did make one turn and look at them when you did spot them.

All interesting names of towns; but you are right, the locals don't think twice at the unique names of some of them. Kind of like here with the Spanish names of towns that the GPS has a terrible time pronouncing!

have a great Sunday!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We camp here in the middle of Amish country here in Ohio, but I've never visited the Lancaster PA area. Yes the Amish are used to us English and I think they enjoy making money from us all. Amish quality furniture and Amish food seem to be loved by all. People come in bus loads to visit this area.


What's in a name, indeed. Lived in PA for a long time. Spent many nights in Intercourse. Strasburg has a railroad motel if I remember correctly??? Our kids loved it. sure wish I was tagging along with you, to see our old haunts. ENJOY!

Paula said...

I have never heard of "The Thing", It is ugly but maybe it got the job done. Lots of interesting names you mentioned here.

Rose said...

Interesting topic!

You have traveled through some very unusual names of towns! I agree, Jimmy would not like it there! LOL

shirl72 said...

Wrote a comment and it left
the screen. I think I sald I have been to Amish Country. They love for people to come and see their
lifestyle. The country side
is beautiful. I would not like
to use the horse and buggy for

Glad I didn't buy one of the "UGLY THING". Stay safe in your travels.


Lindie said...

my favorite nana is Bird in Hand,

Dar said...

Fun entry...what's in the name~~~well, we have Fifield, not sure bout that one, then there is Butternut, so named for the many trees of it's name eons ago, don't even know if any are around anymore. Park Falls, my town, was and is still a papermill town. It got it's name from the falls that used to be above town floating logs down to the mill.
As for the Amish country and names., I love reading their cookbooks and the family names. But, how they can conjure up a pie and bread.....mercy, we are lucky to receive.
Loveya, Missya, Hugya, Kissya
Travel safe our dear friends and hike carefully to the finish line.

Chatty Crone said...

One thing I have always wanted to see was Amish Country. Not sure why. You are so lucky! sandie

Anonymous said...

Would surely love to travel through this geography. Thank you for this journey, even though only in thoughts. Please have you all a good new week.

Woody said...

Been Busy Doctoring, have not posted much, catching up on your posts, I have a picture of that Giant Guitar in Tennessee, we have travelled thru Gettysburg several times, always see something we missed each time we visit.

Glad to see you 2 out and about enjoying yourselves.
take care,
Gary b& Anna Mae