Thursday, July 26, 2012

I knew it!

My brother in law Vernon and his friend Dale, know a lot of songs. Shirl and her friend Smoky Coe also know a lot of songs. Smoky even had a recording studio, his most famous client was Randy Travis. Smoke even wrote some songs for Randy. 

Anyway when ever I mention a song called “A Round Pool Table” by Andy Griffith, they laugh, like, ‘you are making that up , right?’ Last night I finally decided to PROVE it. I found it on the internet. Produced in the early 1960’s. The song is about a Pool Table Salesman who takes an order for a round pool table one foot high covered in leopard skin. The order is made and the man is to pay when he comes back from Europe. But his ship sinks, he is lost. Andy is stuck with a round pool table one foot high.  Funny story, not as good as What it was was Football, but funny. Anyway I was right.

Another song, no one seems to have heard is Loretta Lynn singing ‘Shadrack the Black Reindeer’, I am sure the producer hoped it would be another Rudolph,  But it didn’t go over well either, but it was sung!!! Now with the net I can prove it.  sometimes I like the net! LOL

Are there some things in this life that only you seem to know or remember? Or is it just me?

While wintering in Ariziona once, we went to see the Sons of the Pioneers. The oldest person in the group is Sonny, he is from Asheville, NC. They had just finished singing, “Whoopi Ti Yi Yo Little doggie’ or something like that, and one of the band members asked Sonny, “Sonny, didn’t you write that?”

Sonny answered, “Yep, yeah I did, I heard it a couple times then I wrote it!”  Of course we all burst out laughing, it was a good line.

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You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.


1955 mercxxx  ed brown

I have shown this 1955 Merc before, but you have to admit it is one neat car.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never heard of those songs. I've been missing out on some good ones I guess. It's a hot 90 degree day here. Hope you all are staying cool.

shirl72 said...

Maybe I will pull it up on the
internet and listen. It sounds
funny..Andy was good Jim met him
in an airport in his travels.
He came up to Jim and ask for
a cigarette. We have always
thought that was funny. That was
in his young days.


Helen said...

Nope never heard of a song by Andy. I remember him picking his guitar and singing way back but don't remember the songs. Never heard of that one by Loretta either. Yep that mercury was a pretty sharp car.

Anonymous said...

Only seem to know or remember. Oh, yeah. All the time. ;o

That is a great car.

betty said...

How cool that you were able to find the song you were looking for on the net! It is a wonderful source of knowledge indeed! I hadn't heard of any of those songs, LOL :)

bet the day was a good one!


Chatty Crone said...

Okay you got me there - I have not heard of any of those songs - lol!

Paula said...

Never heard of the songs either but glad you were able to prove it. lol

Louis la Vache said...

Indeed, that is one neat Merc! It's too bad Ford botched the Mercury brand so badly. This '56 shows Mercury at its best - it was different enough from a Ford to justify its place in the market. Where Ford messed up was in making the Mercury too much like the Ford, leaving no rationale for the car.


First off my BEST FRIEND LOVES Randy Travis. LOL. Shirl is one lucky lady. Secondly, one of my relatives was supposedly in the Sons of the Pioneers??? Don't remember which one? Never heard of those songs myself. Sound like fun though.