Sunday, July 1, 2012


I REMEMBER mama talking about Pearl harbor and pointing to the two stars in our window showing that two members of our family were on active duty.
I remember my only cat, Tom.  Yeah  we were original in names.  My most vivid memory was him playing with a mouse he had caught.
Then I remember him jumping out of the trailer Dad had used to haul our ‘stuff’  when we moved to High Shoals. Tom returned the 30-40 miles back to our old home in Shelby, NC.
I even remember a little about rationing. (If  remember correctly Paula says she has some ration stamps) I wonder how well that would go over today. You could not buy sugar, coffee, tires, wire, gas, shoes without ration stamps.
I did not know why, back then, but now I know it was because the goods and materials were supplying the war effort.
I remember the end of WWII. Wow what a celebration.
I remember mama getting her chicks from Sears and Roebuck. I remember the ‘brooder’ where she put the chicks. I certainly remember the name, “Rhode Island Reds”. I remember gathering eggs at 4 years old (with mama’s help)
I can even remember smoking rabbit tobacco in a corn cob pipe at 5 years old.
Remembering is good sometimes. I seem to do it a lot just before we start to leave for some more time on the road.  That is still a week off. WOW, that long?
But then, I can remember when this life on the road, was only a dream, a plan, something that was way in the future. Now we have been living in a motor home for over 13 years. I think it gets better…….. sorta like…….  (well you know!)
Anyway, I am glad you came this way.
Nite Shipslog

The first novel ever
written on a typewriter
, Tom Sawyer.

(NO! I was not around when the typewriter was invented!!!!!)
1927 Erskine Touring Car
(Studebaker built the Erskine before the Rockne!)



Memories are the cornerstone of our mind. You have some wonderful ones. Most people forget the rationing. And how hard things were. today we got a big surprise. Some gas stations here were out of gas. Might have to do with the storm??? Scared us. You all take care. that waunderlust will get you every time. LOL

Ken Riches said...

Glad you are still able to travel, I know my folks waited to long to travel, then it was to late.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness do you remember the typewriters - and the copies - and the white out - oh that was so painful = but we didn't know that then - we thought it was great. So Tom Sawyer was the first novel interesting.

I do not remember rationing, but I do remember hearing about it and thinking as an adult how that affected the minds and personalities of those before us.

My parents got married 11-22-41 and Pearl Harbor was 12/7/41. My dad had to go right away.

Lots of memories there.


betty said...

I remember my mom talking about rationing stamps. I enjoyed reading about what you remember, Jack, interesting about the rabbit tobacco; I don't think I have heard that term before, and my at such a tender age of five!

hope it was a nice day there today!


shirl72 said...

I remember when the war ended
Dad put toilet paper on the car
and we drove around blowing the
horn with everybody. I do remember
the things being rationed. I cannot forget the two stars in the
window saying 2 brothers in the service. Good memories.

Paula said...

Did your Mama know you smoked at age five? lol Yes I do have a ration book with my name on it. If I remember correctly each member of the family was alloted one but I don't know how often. I think whatever could be bought with the kids book such as coffee or sugar, the same as the adults. Nice memories here, thanks.

DD said...

I remember the stamps, in that I was so fasinated with that little book that I climbed up high on the kitchen cabinet to reach it. Mother found me there and yelled for Daddy to come and look how out of control I was. Lol...Good memory. I never owned a cat or chicken. A chicken is still on my list of
Thanks for the memories.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Memories are sometimes very good things and I think it is important we tell stories about them. The young people today could never imagine how it was when we were young. I'm glad my folks told all the stories about when they were young too so I could know what it was like for them growing up. It helps me to keep things in perspective. I can tell you are anxious to be on the road again. We had another good storm roll through Ohio this evening. One fellas camper got hit by a huge old tree. Thankfully all the trees around our campers held strong and weathered the storm. Being here in all the shade is wonderful. I just came in from another great campfire and lots of stories were being told. I still here them talking outside...

Louis la Vache said...

You are right, Jack, Studebaker built the Erskine before the Rockne. «Louis» forgets the rationale behind the Erskine and who Erskine was (and is -ahem- too lazy to look it up right now). The Rockne was a bit lower priced than the least expensive Studebaker and, of course, was named for the beloved Notre Dame coach. The Rockne made some sense in that both Studebaker and Notre Dame were in South Bend, Indiana.

Lucy said...

I remember rationing very well. Amazing since I actually was still a kid. So your itchy feet are getting ready to go again. I was inquiring into any chance of getting our auto insurance lowered since our car is old. She said if Joe would take a refresher course we could get it lowered 35.00. He said he didn't need a refresher course. So we will stay with what we have.

Helen said...

I remember those ration books. When we had to move my parents over this way I threw all those ration books away. That was in 1994. I did try smoking that rabbit tobacco. If I remember correctly they made your tongue sore. You would think I would have been a smoker but not so. I was just doing it because my older brother and uncle was. I was a tomboy.

Anonymous said...

My Mom saved a book of ration stamps..for some reason, when I was little, they fascinated me before I even understood the concept or the need.