Saturday, June 30, 2012


Yesterday morning my girl suggested Waffles.  Well a Waffle at the Waffle House.  We always get a pecan waffle each, love them at the House.


The Waffle House is another place to people watch. We are normally satisfied with service and food.  We have completely given up on our waffle House in Wildwood. FL.  Bad service and TOO COLD!

I can never understand businesses that must pay the ‘overhead’ and run the A/C cold enough to keep meat. My girl carries a sweater no matter how hot it is outside, ‘just in case’.  The, just in case, is usually, ‘I need it’.

Speaking of service, I have mentioned it is our practice to go to McDonalds for coffee and share a jelly biscuit each Sunday Morning. There is a beautiful young girl now working the table area who wears a frown. Very unusual for McDonalds who declare they hire ‘smiles’. The first week I thought maybe she had a bad night but 2-3 week running and she looks as if she has a chip on her shoulder, or the work is beneath her.

That brings to mind work. WORK, I have never seen or had the job that I thought was beneath me. I also never look down on someone who is doing the menial tasks, someone must do them.

I was raised to give an honest days labor for a days pay.

That is today here in HOT NC.  But honestly I do not mind working out in it.  I am just glad to be alive and I know it is not permanent, it will pass.

We are looking  forward to pulling out in a week or so.

Thanks for reading this drivel.

Nite Shipslog


"The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom,

power without conscience.

Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants......

We know more about war than we know about peace,

more about killing than we know about living."

- General Omar N. Bradley


Old Dodge assume early 50's

An old Dodge truck, must be early 1950’s The head light looks something like the Packard Cathedral tail lights Louis mentions.


Chatty Crone said...

Great attitude about the heat but be careful anyway.

Okay you have great work ethics. So do I. But do the kids of today have it? And if not - why not? What happened?


Paula said...

I like this entry Jack. If you own rent property best not to think menial work beneath you. I've scrubed many a toilet and cook stove. I griped but maybe it did me good. lol Once I even cleaned John's ex-wife's cook stove for him to put in a rent property. His daughter's eyes popped out when she saw how clean it could become.

Anonymous said...

I'd had people who have been out of work for years talk about the bad economy Now(but again, they didn't work in a good economy either), but when you start mentioning certain specific jobs, they make it very clear that those jobs are beneath them. My dad was a janitor at a Catholic church/school for 30 years & he was proud of his job.

A cold waffle is like a hockey puck.

Ken Riches said...

Takes to much energy to carry that chip around all the time...

Louis la Vache said...

hee hee...
So you didn't waffle about your decision to give up on the waffle house?

That Dodge pickup is a '57. The treatment of the headlights is also similar to what Packard did on the headlights of the '55 and '56s,'

betty said...

LOL about Mary's comment about a cold waffle/hockey puck. That waffle does look good!! I'm with Sherry, the majority of places we go, grocery stores, etc are so cold, I've been known to carry a sweater myself (especially movie theaters). You'd think they would up the temp a bit and reduce the price of the movie :)

Wonder how long that girl will be employed at McDonald's with no smile on her face. I am always appreciative of those that work fast food and retail; I think those are hard jobs to work! (as well as a lot of other jobs, but I think if I had to do it all over again, I would train to be a plumber, they make good money!!!!) (or at least they charge good money for their services :)

stay cool there! drink plenty of fluids!


Anonymous said...

Great entry. Once I ironed clothes, carried the mail and cleaned parking lots. Hope to be able to 'transfer' some of it to my son; well not the works, you know...
Please have you all a good new month.

DD said...

I am like Sherry, taking a light wrap Winter and Summer, just in

Funny that you should mention Wildwood FL. I have relatives that live there in Winter.

I hope the pretty girl in your McDonald's finds something to smile about.

Enjoyed reading. (It is 101 at


I Love to people watch too. You are so right about the air being so cold you could freeze meat. WHY do they do that in restaurants??? Jobs are worthy of your presence are priceless. Stay cool. Things here have been a little crazy due to the storms. take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of the first things I was taught when starting work was that you were to smile and that the customer was always right. We worked to please our customers. Even when I worked a switchboard we were told to smile when we answered a call. People always commented on what a cheerful voice I had too. So sad about that gal not smiling. We never know what goes on in peoples lives that makes them the way they are. At least I hope to give everyone a SMILE even if they don't have one to share. Ohio experienced some strong storms on Friday and many are still with out power but here we only got a tip of that storm and have power and are trying to enjoy just being together. There are lots and lots of smile sharing being done here. Hope your Sunday is a wonderful one! It was too late for me to comment any yesterday. We enjoyed some fireworks as we sat around the campfire and it was very late for me when I finally turned in.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your "drivel" and the General Bradley quote...he hit the nail on the doubt this is why we continue to have war after war after war after war.....!

I remember when the Dodge had those inset headlights!

I like the Pecan Waffle at IHOP too!

Rose said...

Good Post.

Sad that so many people don't enjoy their jobs. I wish they could move on to do something they like instead.


Melanie said...

It's hot here in Wisconsin too......waiting patiently for fall.....