Thursday, June 28, 2012


I have been sitting here watching my screen saver.  Sherry and I use ‘My Pictures’ as our screen savers. I get so many smiles, and good memories you would not believe. Family pops up, I have scanned a lot of my older stuff.



I get a kick out of remembering Mel & Dar and their families.  I kissed Darla thru a clear plastic mask she was wearing, Bill ‘weren’t’ looking. (Darla also cooked dinner for us! delicious!) LOL

017 - Copy025

One picture popped up of me wearing Slim’s Fur hat, I guess it is Coon skin.  And Mel and her Buck!


You’d love Debbie & Gary, I have a picture of me showing Gary ( the Mechanic) my tool rack. LOL. Pictures pop up of the OK Corral.

scan2001-05 037scan2001-05 050

Oh yes, and  just up the road there is me with Rex Allen, I always thought he was cool with his hat more on the back of his head.

I can look across the table and see Sherry’s pictures also.  Anyone who eats dinner with us gets a free show of past picture collections. Many times we are asked, “Where (or WHO)  is that?

They pop up from Hawaii,at a luau to Alaska and Salmon fishing or panning for gold.

CRUISE FOR 7 days 054

What started this was a shot of Sherry relaxing on the bed reading on the cruise. I got to thinking, we are going on a cruise in December. YEAH! I got to dreaming of looking out over the ocean, I love Blue water. I told the Old Man on my last ship, if I could bring my wife aboard, I would stay in the Navy forever! (BUT I would make that a requirement. Been without her too many times.)

Some of my favorite pictures are of one of my favorite families, the Conrad's. We met these folk in Missouri in 1958/9.


All this from pictures. I can watch even when I am typing. Sherry’s computer keeps on going. The Mayflower, Sherry on the AT.

I see probably 36 states a day, hundreds of family and friends. Each shot brings back memories.

I love to dream. Someone asked me what was the worst trip you ever made? My answer, There has never been a bad trip. You can find something to love everywhere. Great people and God’s nature? Mountains, desert, oceans and Islands are all magnificent.

Seeing the snow covered mountains in the Yukon and Alaska or looking down thru clear water and seeing the  ocean bottom thru crystal clear water off shore reef at 125ft, 10 miles off Key West should thrill anyone.

God’s nature is good (Just dream a little dream)!

Nite Shipslog

PS:  (A part, Taken a few weeks ago from MA’s blog:


Letting go is easy………………….. Hanging on is hard.

Pride is easy………………………… Humility is hard.

Excusing oneself is easy………….. Excusing others is hard.

Borrowing is easy…………………… Paying back is hard.


I also enjoy the 1000’s of old car pictures I have stored:

1932 The Rockne Coupe

1932 Rockne, Named for the famous Coach from there is town, Newt Rockne, it did not last but a couple years.  Newt had the audacity to die before it could be a great success.


Anonymous said...

Once I've been told, that all what remains, is not what one has eaten, but what has been seen.

Please have you all a good Friday.

shirl72 said...

I cherrish my friends. I love the
saying. "Friends are Angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly".

Fred Alton said...

Hey Jack and Sherry! Looking forward to seeing you real soon. I'm fightin neuropathy pain today. But, like you, I prefer to keep lookin at life with a positive attitude. I walked on our local trail two days this week and went blackberry pickin yesterday with brother Lowell and his Janis. Had a great time together. Still looking hopefully towards the 100 mile trail!


Photographs blink those priceless moments into permanence. You are so blessed. just looking at all your old pictures kind of makes me want to go through ours. they are in a big box in the attic. Goodness knows what the mice have done to them.

Paula said...

Yes it is a great thing that we can make our pictures into a screen saver. Your's are great!

Chatty Crone said...

My daughter makes that as her screen saver and every time I pass it I stop to look at a few photos.

You area going on another cruise.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your screen saver must be something to see as you have traveled so many places and have friends everywhere. It's been too hot today and is still in the mid 80's at 10:00 . I have a fan to help me keep cool but the a/c wouldn't kick on. Tomorrow is supposed to be about as hot too. I guess it is better than freezing in the winter. So I'm trying not to complain.

betty said...

I like your attitude Jack that there was not a bad trip you took! God did make us such a great earth to enjoy indeed! How cool with the screen savers like that to take a walk down memory lane when you look at the pictures! I know my brother and SIL have something that is a device that they load pictures onto and then the device flips through the pictures all throughout the day; that's kind of neat to look at too!

cool with another cruise! something to look forward to!


Lucy said...

Very interesting. You and Sherry have really made some friends from all walks of life. That is really cool.

Dar said...

Sorry I haven't been here since the garage sale, but I see you have not skipped a beat. Then what do I see first thing but us. You were such a pleasure to finally meet. Your ears must ring loud cause we all talk about you and Sherry so much. Sy just brought up your name and the coloring book. It is wonderful what we can do with our saved memories. My screen saver is still of the Flambeau River by Dead Man's Slough and the tip of the river boat the day Dad launched it for it's maiden run~forever in my heart. Miss you guys.

Louis la Vache said...

The Rockne was built by Studebaker.