Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yard Sale coming up

This Saturday is the big day for us. I have listed the yard sale on three internet sites.  I really do not know how many yard sellers look on the internet, I know I don’t.  I usually look for the sign in a neighborhood.  We have three main intersections here in the beautiful town of Belmont where folks look for yard sale ads. So I have made signs for those spots.  I will put them out some time Friday afternoon.

We went to three yard sales last week where nothing was priced.  With my hearing, I normally will not ask a price unless  it is something I REALLY am interested in. I am not sure how most folks feel about that, but to my thinking 99% of this stuff is priced. 

I don’t mind dickering and even in most cases expect it. I have a couple things that are valuable, or I consider them so. Are you familiar with the ‘Leroy lettering Set’?  I have one. I am sure it sold for a few hundred dollars. Maybe I should put it on Craigslist.

Do you guys that go to yard, tag, garage sales have any particular way you like things laid out or presented? 

We once bought 5 lbs of coffee beans, the only thing I had to grind them was the blender, they weren’t bad. lol. What is the most unique thing you have bought or seen at a yard sale?

Still putting this together.

Thanks for coming this way.

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PS:   To my friend Louis……..

Some days you are the dog,some days you are the tree!


195x something  ed brown1933   xxxxx ed brownhis is from Ed Browns Garage, in PA. top must be from the 50’s the lower is beautiful and from the mid 30’s.  I love ‘em anyway!!!


Paula said...

Can't think of the answer to any of these questions right now but you have me thinking of the first Estate sale I went to. It was near Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio and in the house of an Army officer. It touched me to the heart to see his uniforms hanging in the closet just the way he left them and collections he had from serving the Military overseas.

Chatty Crone said...

All I can say is that I will say a little prayer for you this weekend. Yard sales are hard! Good luck. sandie

betty said...

Here everyone looks on the Internet, LOL, for yard/estate/garage sales. I advertised all our sales on Craigslist and I would have people emailing me if this or that was still available, price of things (like when I was selling a washer or a guitar). We do the same, put up signs; we live off a major street so its easy to advertise.

I think you guys will do great. Be realistic with the prices because if someone can get something cheaper off of eBAY they'll get it there even if you paid lots of money for something.

Have plenty of change available :)

I'm thinking what is the most unusual thing I have ever seen at a sell and I'm drawing a blank right now.

Looking forward to hearing how successful your sale is!



Be willing to negoiate. My parents are quite successful everytime they have a yard sale. They LOVE the art of the deal. Me not so much. I always end up donating, instead. the hubby and I hit a neighborhood sale last week, though and I walked away with all kinds of goodies for less than $1. There was a curio cabinet I wanted for $15, but we couldn't figure out how to get it home. It was too heavy. GOOD LUCK.


PS) that was less than $10. LOL

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thinks the red car began life as a 1953 Buick Special. Those taillights are from Packard - they were used on the '56 Clippers and also on the '57 & '58 "Packardbakers". Had Packard been able to sell as many cars with those famous taillights attached to them as they were able to sell of the taillights to car customizers, they might have had a much happier ending...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't gone to a sale in years as at this point all I want is to get rid of things. I used to love going and things were so cheap that I never asked anyone to lower it. I wish you the best with yours, they are a lot of work. We had one ages ago and were left with a lot that had to be donated.

Lucy said...

We would like to have a yard sale but we could never get it together cause most of what we would sell is in the basement and neither of us can make the trips up and down the steps. They are a lot of work. Joe has so many mechanics tools he needs to sell but I don't know how. I ran an ad and he sold about 900.00 worth but he has lots more.

DD said...

I have never had a yard sale, not saying I don't need to have

Anonymous said...

the last time I went to a garage sale it was way before I met Don (1981). I believe everything was priced...I don't haggle well so paid whatever was asked!

beautiful autos!

Anonymous said...

I don't really like tag sales, but damn, the stuff should at least be priced. It would appear that the prices change according to how interested you look in the item, or how much money it seems to be worth to you? I don't like that.

Debbie said...

Good luck with your yard sale! I haven't been to yard sales in a long time but I used to go often and came home with lots of goodies. The people that don't price their items are only hurting themselves because there are a lot of people like me who will walk off empty handed and head to another sale. I was never one to ask someone to come down on their price but my sister does if she thinks the price is too high and usually gets it cheaper.

I've never heard of your lettering set so don't have a clue how much it's worth. Might be worth a fortune to you and not worth a nickel to someone else.

Suggestions? If it were me having a sale I'd make sure men's junk (oops I mean treasures, hahaha)is easily seen cause men won't browse around like women will. Price stuff cheap everybody likes a bargain and if the stuff is priced too high it's just gonna sit there. Gary has a "clean out" every once in awhile to get rid of stuff he no longer needs or has no use for but might be of use to someone else..he'll put stuff out on the bank by the road and put a "FREE" sign in front of it..we get a lot of pleasure seeing how fast the stuff disappears..just thought you might want to consider doing that with the stuff you have left over from the sale, it sure beats hauling it somewhere to donate or eventually winding up taking it to the dump.

Love ya!

shirl72 said...

Remember my yard sale. Someone
ask you who did they pay and you
said, "you want believe this is one persons". They thought it
was a neighbor yard sale. It
filled up the Church parking lot.
My husband was a collector. Had
very little left and Mark took it
to BCO.

Anonymous said...

Ain't such things like 'yard sales' over here. Would be great to come and see. Much success ! Please have you all a good Friday.

Ken Riches said...

Love the proceeds of a garage sale, but we do not go to hardly any.