Friday, June 15, 2012


The little town of Belmont used to have two garbage trucks and hired several folks to pick up garbage. There was no standard garbage cans so most of them were 55 gal steel drums with not top. for a full can, it took quite a man or two average men.

I was at the city council meeting when the mayor announced that the city was bringing in Waste Management as a sub contractor to do the trash. the mayor announced that this would save the city $12,000 a year.

On the front row, one of our leading citizens, P.W. Bailey, raised his had and the mayor recognized him.

P.W. said, “Mr. Mayor, it would sure be a nice gesture of the city to return that money to the citizens.”

The true politician, our mayor, said, “P.W. you are right, but this move, hiring WM, is what keeps us from having to raise taxes.”

“I knew there was a good answer,” retorted P.W. and the audience roared in laughter, but the citizens still did not get any money back.

We live about 100 yards outside the City Limits. When we moved here, Waste management was picking up our trash, at no cost.  when they lost the contract, the other company refused to do that.

Wednesday of last week, the WM truck came down our street and emptied our trash.  It has been 6 months since that happened. We hired a local contractor to get ours, he showed up the next day and wondered why we had no trash.  We are too!

I sorta miss burn barrels.  There was a time when we had an area to burn trash or a barrel to burn it in.  Now they say that is bad for the environment, I am not so sure.  I am not for burying our trash without burning it, seems we are intentionally ruining or poisoning the ground and ground water.

I would like to see natural gas incinerators burn a city’s trash and  produce some steam that turned power turbines.

I think I read that even Mexico City does the burn for their trash. They have a labor intensive system with huge conveyor belts with folk lining the side pulling the recyclable materials.

Maybe some folks would not like the job, but if it paid enough it could work.  We could also hire convicts and pay the low scale that they are paid to work.

Do you  live close to ‘Land fill?’  We used to call them ‘trash dumps’  but land fill sounds better.

Thanks for coming this way and wasting your time on this mess!

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betty said...

We don't live close to the dump (actually they will always be known to me as the dump LOL over land fill). Funny story about land fill, there was one here on the strand between Chula Vista and Coronado; some people thought it would be a great place to build houses, ocean view, etc. So they did whatever they had to do not to make it a land fill any more and built gorgeous expensive homes. People moved in but there was a lot of problems with gas that I guess accumulates from garbage so there's a perpetual flame going to release the gases. Kinda funny, LOL.

I like going to the dump; there's something refreshing about taking your trash or items you can't use any more and throwing them into a pile with other junk (okay I'm weird, I know :)

We get our trash picked up weekly; three different trucks, garbage, recycle, green waste. Drives Koda crazy with each truck (he doesn't like big trucks). Its very noisy here on Thursdays :)

cute entry Jack!

You guys enjoy the weekend!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have bins provided by the city here. One for regular trash and one for recyclables. Our waste management isn't 5 miles away and that is where they sort the recyclables and fill the land fill. Our city outlaws burning anything leaves or trash, but my neighbor still does it claiming it is in his little patio fire place so that is all right. A few days a go there were huge billows of black smoke coming out of his yard. That's the kind of burning that I think is bad for the environment. It was for mine as I had to go indoors and close the doors and window of the house as it stunk so bad. Some people sure to abuse the system.

Anonymous said...

I have an annoying neighbor like the one "Ma" has except my neighbor is not classy enough to call it a patio fireplace. He has a barrel.

Paula said...

Confession here: When we lived on the ranch I burned in a barrel and I loved it. Does that mean there is a little fire-bug in me? We get garbage pick-up once a week here in town. If we only have a fourth of a can full John doesn't want to put it out. I disagree to avoid odor we should put it out. I love recycling too and so many doesn't do it since it isn't mandatory. A big truck comes by to pick up what only a few put out so its not very fesiable.

shirl72 said...

Jack it is hard to believe you are
not in the City. They have hired a new company to pick up garbage.
They don't know who is in the city
and who is not. The new co.
is Pro Waste. If they left new
trash cans then they will pick
your trash up.

Chatty Crone said...

So how does that work with the burning - I have asthma and when people burn leaves I get so sick and cough my head out. Yet I know we are poisoning the ground. I think we are our own worst enemies and we are killing ourselves.

Louis la Vache said...

In the late '40s and early '50s, Chrysler's DeSoto division offered a number of special chassis cars such as the one you show. Many of these long wheelbase DeSotos saw service as airport limousines. With the introduction of the Exner-designed '55 models, the special long wheelbase DeSotos became a historical footnote.