Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Father…..

In this generation men have sure learned how to make babies. Foolish boys in men’s bodies. The onus has always been on the girl, lady or woman. they are the ones who have the long lasting effects of casual sex.

There is also the serious (love fired) sex. At this time, when the young lady says, ‘we made a baby’, it is time to man-up, ready or not and accept responsibility. That is when a man CAN become a father.

Fathers are very important in family life. Not equal to the mother, but close. After all no man knows what it is like, the morning sickness, the feeling that ‘I am not pretty’ (Sherry’s statement) etc, for 9 months, the pain associated with child birth.

A Father knows his children and knows his responsibility to them.

I am so proud of my daddy. I never called him father, but I filled his name in on many forms that asked, ‘FATHERS NAME’. Dad was a preacher, a pastor. Very fundamental. Strict in his beliefs but not a dictator. If Dad had a fault, it was loving his church members too much. He took their cares, family burdens and troubles to heart. Most of my Dad’s salary went back into the church and its members.

At dad’s church there was no: calling the plumber, or any other service until he had exhausted his abilities and anyone he knew who would volunteer. I watched that man, and two church volunteers hand dig a 30’ well. This was a pretty big church and could have afforded to have the well dug, but My Daddy did not believe in wasting God’s money. He (and his family) cleaned the church and cut the grass. He still had time to visit the sick, perform weddings and bury HIS people.

The last church he pastored (That one I even thank God for, because  Sherry was there). The church grew, he designed the remodel job, then pitched in mixing mortar and carrying lumber to save money.

I am saying, I had a great dad. he knew how to handle dynamite (Men who knew him in his early life swore dad could stack boulders by planting the charges in the exact locations.) He was not afraid of work, he could lay block, dig, mix mortar and never felt above being a laborer although he was a full paid Ordained Minister. He raised a hog every year until I was 15 and we were city bound and where he couldn’t.

Dad was not only a great pastor, he was a super dad. I miss him. I wish I could wish him ‘Happy Fathers Day!” (HE would be about 109 yrs old).

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PS: If you had known my dad, you would have loved him also. His churches voted for pastors every 2 years, he always got 100% of the vote.


Fellow pastors advised my dad to move up from the Chevy. “You pastor big churches now, you need a Cadillac” they said. He did buy a 1951 Buick Special.


He never felt right with that Buick. His philosophy was ‘I pastor mostly cotton Mill workers, I should drive what they drive.’ In 1955 he bought a Rambler.

amazing car 09, 1955 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon

He stayed with Rambler, until Sherry and I traded with him when we got transferred to Cuba.  Leaving him a newer car, we would not need a new car in GITMO.


betty said...

Your dad seemed like a wonderful man, Jack. He took his pastoring very seriously, he knew he was in charge of his flock and God would hold him accountable and I think God told him "well done good and faithful servant" when he passed. It is refreshing to read of someone who tried every option first to try to save money that was given by faithful people for God's work. He left a wonderful legacy!

And honestly, Sherry, the pictures Jack post of you when you were expecting, you were more than pretty, you were beautiful and glowing :)

May you have a happy father's day Jack!

and dads are very important, equally so with moms, sometimes its the dads that keep the moms sane!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just so I don't forget to say it tomorrow...Happy Fathers Day Jack! Glad you had such a wonderful man for a dad. My dad always like big cars and although I can't remember him having a Cadillac he loved his Lincoln's. It's Dad's Day weekend and I'm praying for fathers everywhere. So many need some extra help for sure!

Hope you enjoy your special weekend. I'm sure you are appreciated too!

Paula said...

Nice tribute to your Dad. I wish you a very nice day tomorrow.

Chatty Crone said...

A nice tribute to your father and I am sure that your boys feel the same about you. Is that where you met Sherry? You dad sounded wonderful. sandie


That RAMBLER is SWEET. Love your talk about responsibilty. Too many dads walk away when the going gets tough. GREAT tribute to your DAD. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, JACK. ENJOY!

Dar said...

Your Daddy sounds so much like mine, never waste a dime without purpose and loving his family first and foremost. We were fortunate to have such great influence in our lives, weren't we~I'm sure they are still doing their share in heavens halls.
Have a wonderful Father's Day, Jack. You are another one of the good ones.
I know so very many wonderful Dad's.

shirl72 said...

You got everything right about our
Dad. I still meet people today that
tell me how they loved our Dad.
The young people loved him. He could be young old and in between.
He could relate on any level.

I miss him and wish he was still
here so I could say "HAPPY FATHERS
DAY" I will say it to you BROTHER.
You are loved.


Anonymous said...

Great tribute indeed.

Living far from family made it much felt. Please have you all a good Sunday.

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» joins the others in wishing you a happy father's day. ;-D

What a coincidence that you show that '51 Buick Special. «Louis» was just thinking about a beautiful burgundy '51 Buick Roadmaster owned by a Doctor who was a friend of the family.

Mitt Romney's father was running American Motors when that Rambler was built. Here's a picture of Mitt behind the wheel of a '57 Nash.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

While the photos the old cars are neat, your post is a fantastic tribute to your dad and a reminder of what men should be.

Darryl and Ruth :)

DD said...

I can see how you loved him.

I would have loved your father (pastor) if I had known him.

I was also blessed by a Christian father. He was the perfect Dad.

Ken Riches said...

Happy Father's Day Jack!

Lucy said...

I know your father was a good man or he could not have raised such nice children. My dad was far from perfect but he did his best. He must have done something right because he lived to be 97 years young.