Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little things thrill me.

Saturdays have always been our days for breakfast out and our special entertainment, yard sales. I mentioned once, one of my biggest thrills was seeing one of my books listed as used, for sale, on Amazon.  Now my next thrill would be to run into one of my books at a yard sale.

Sometimes when we come to a yard sale of an obvious reader and I find some good books, after I have bought, I will give them one of my books. I had that opportunity Saturday.

We also ran into a young married couple who had read my book ‘Why Not Forever?’ Loved it. They made the comment that the pre-marriage counselor they had, should have read and used the book. I said a prayer after I saw their new baby and the smiles on their faces, praying that these kids would be some of the few who do not divorce. They have such a beautiful baby.

We used the hour between Breakfast and Sherry’s hair appointment to drive up to Kelly Farm Road, in Mt. Holly, NC. To see the first home that we built for ourselves.  What a joy that was.

Sherry was working part time at her job and part time with me building the house. We had a travel trailer on the big wooded country lot, after breakfast every morning, I was already on my job sight.  We built the house completely by ourselves except for the heating and Air conditioning. It was a beautiful home, 2400sq ft, split-level 3BR 3Baths, two fire places, stereo speakers in every room and full size basement, we designed and built it.

Sherry never goes on a roof, that house was the exception. I had damaged a thumb while I was roofing, (saving the day) She sat on the peak and slid shingles down to me. We had a ball.

Lot of memories. Yard sales produced a surprise, two kitchen chairs for $25.

new chairs 001

They are a floral design they Rock and roll.

(I just noticed my friend Evelyn was on the screen saver, she was the maker of the Squash pickles)

As I am typing this, my girl is reading on the couch. she likes the chairs too. She uses a cushion to boost her little self though.

new chairs 002

Shirl gave her a monkey pillow to rest her arm on just after she got her cast. Now the monkey just watches over her (Like the monkey that took the picture.)

Thanks for reading the log.

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food that doesn't spoil?
A. Honey

1942 Hudson Super 6 wagon rose

Thanks Rose for the 1942 Hudson super 6!


DD said...

(They made the comment that the pre-marriage counselor they had, should have read and used the book.)

I believe it. It is clear that your parents taught you well and in the Faith. That is what counts and takes one through, usually in a happy life.

This post reminds me of the house my Dad built/had built way back in 1934, the year he and Mom married. He had nearly enough money to pay for it (which was less than a thousand His father paid for the rooftop, which was tin. That tin top was on the house until the early 2000's. Dad bragged on that tin roof lasting so

DD said...

Good pictures! Sherry looks pretty lying there. :)

betty said...

I like those chairs! Sherry has a great place to read; looks very relaxing there! Enjoyed reading about your adventures making that first house; it must be fun to drive by it and check it out and remember the experience of working on it together! Enjoy your days!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the chairs and need to find some like that for my house. Little things are often the things that mean the most for sure. It's sunny and hot here today. Am in the process of packing up and heading home. One of my sons and his family will be in this week for a visit. Glad I got a little rest before the busy week ahead.
Hope you all have a great Sunday!

shirl72 said...

I glad the monkey is watching over
Sherry. I helped renovate two
houses..Sherry and I helped you
renovate Josh's Pad. I don't mind
hard work but I have slowed down.
I was on the roof with Mark in
my house in Charlotte. I think
we were measuring for shingles.
Hard work didn't hurt any of us.

Louis la Vache said...

That is one fine looking Hudson!
No doubt you know that it is a very rare car.

Paula said...

Yep sounds like fun sliding those shingles down. I carried shingles up onto the garage for Mel and it got so hot in our tennis shoes we had to quit until the sun went down. Well to be honest I couldn't carry many at a time. lol


I hope those young people make it too, Jack. It was great hearing about you and Sherry doing that roof. I've helped my hubby on more than one ocassion with stuff like that. Makes the best memories. LOVE the chairs. what a find, they were. Glad to see your wife getting some rest. having a cast really wears you out. Take care.

Ken Riches said...

Good memories and a score on the yard sale.

Chatty Crone said...

I almost missed Sherry there! She does look comfortable.

I love the chairs and I love to find great deals - so much fun!