Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yesterday I ran across some treasures.  I am sort of a funny guy, I file things. When the grand kids came along and drew cute stuff, I started a file. I do not have it all, but I have something each one drew for me, or something they just done. they would come in my office and play. Sherece was always the secretary and artist.  She also arranged shows for the grand parents using the other kids and friends who might be spending the night.

The boys were artists or designers, and actors in Sherece’s plays. I did not make toy boxes for every one, but I did for Sherece, Corey and Ben, the oldest Grands. I still have Reece’s, it is now in the storage shed, and still full of toys they all used.

discoveries 005

Anyway I ran across some ‘Cards’ from the card classes (in church), These were small cards with a religious picture on it and a verse. Each student got to keep the ‘Card’. The SS teacher would teach about the card. I found a small envelope, mama’s writing on it:

“Jackie found this card on the ground in 1945, he brought it to me and was amazed that anyone would throw it away.”(She kept it, yeah, I also found some tears).

I knew I had a Gold watch somewhere, I found it. No band, but I shook it and it started running.

discoveries 002

I found 3 letters. One I had written my mama at the death of her brother Clyde. Two from Missionaries in the 1950’s. Rev. Herman Lauster from Germany and one from Rev Scuttie in Africa. My mother was a mission minded person. Bro. Lauster was imprisoned by the Nazi’s, she kept in contact, how, that is another story altogether.

I found several envelopes on which mama had written: For Jackie and Shirl, after school is out. $1.(1945).  What a sweet mama!

discoveries 001

Daddy had a little card in his wallet(when he passed away), I found it. It has a picture of a Black cat on it along with these words:


Blow your breath on the Black Cat.

If the cat turns purple there is a harmful Chemical in your breath and you should see your doctor immediately. If the cat remains Black you are well enough to attend church Sunday.

I have had fun, and conjured up a lot of memories. there are still boxes to go thru.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite shipslog


Carefully worded notices………………….

Dry cleaners, Bangkok :


1956_Studebaker-Power Hawk

Shirl had one of these Power Hawks.  she offered to give it to me, yeah I am a little foolish, I said, “No I had better not!”


Scroll down to see what Woody found on the beach, and is not sure if he should return it or not.







Anonymous said...

When I try to sort through papers, I always get bogged down in reading and reminiscing. The "Card Class" was probably popular in lots of churches. My Dad attended a Baptist church, and sometimes he was the only pupil in his Card Class.
I think we had "Little Friends of Jesus" leaflets. I absolutely loved the smooth lines of the illustrations.
I can't quite figure out that last picture. I'm thinking the guy ought to be smiling a little, at least.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have some precious treasures there. I love the Black Cat card your dad had. Things like those you have can't ever be replaced. It's a beautiful 80 degree day here at the camper. I went shopping and found out they have senior discounts on Weds. here. That was a treat. Just had a creme stick and a cold glass of milk and am taking a break now, not that I do much of anything anyway. Hope you all stay cool in the heat. We're supposed to be close to 100 tomorrow too. Take good care!

Anonymous said...

How very impressive. Usually I put cards and papers worth to keep in various books and from time to time discover them again, sometimes as well years later.

Room temperature during midday over here about 90F; without using an A/C.

Please have you all a good Thursday.

Chatty Crone said...

What wonderful things you found - priceless - things money can't buy.

And your dad's card - I've never heard of that test. LOL.


shirl72 said...

I write this comment with tears
in my eyes. We had such wonderful parents that gave us such a good
life to appreciate every little
thing with memories. Mother was a saint and DAD was the greatest.
They enjoyed LIFE and passed their
traits to us.

Paula said...

I like the card your Dad Carried too. As for the toy box those home made one can be so precious. Mel made one for our daughters and it was great although it seemed more for a boy. It was varnished and he put cattle brands all over it. He actually branded them into it. I need to ask if either one of them have it.

betty said...

What wonderful memories and treasures you found! That's the fun of going through things like this, to remember and to look back; how cool too about the gold watch still working after you gave it a shake or two!!


shirl72 said...

We had a 56 Hawk and 2 53's
Studebakers. I wish I had kept
the 57 Isetta (BMW).

Woody said...

That item I found on the beach I am keeping !!! LOL ! I have some items the kids made me when little, I also have letters I wrote to my father and also his letters he sent me. Priceless Items.
Hope things are going well with you 2 love-birds, sending you our love from sunny and finally warm Northern New York !!
Gary & Anna Mae.

Glenda said...

Oh wow, so enjoyed your trip down memory lane!


GREAT family keepsakes one and all. SHAME on woody. LOL