Monday, June 4, 2012

Extras, when I clean house

Being a builder I combined my many ‘skills’ (some say hang ups) to help me avoid a lot of problems.  I cleaned every new house myself, before the first showing.  Cleaning a house from my stand point had a couple goals. First and foremost was to find any problems that were missed on what we call the ‘punch-out’. (2nd was to save the $150-$200, LOL)

Every builder makes a list of things he knows needs to be done before the house is complete. That list over the years has become known as the ‘punch-out list’. Comparing it to the job using time cards, when you finish for the day you ‘Punch-out’ before leaving.

I helped a guy get his contractor’s license once. Later, when he was finishing his first house, he came by to see who I used to clean my new houses. He was shocked when the answer was, “I do it.”

If I cleaned the house personally, I knew what to look for. In vinyl, seams that may not be sealed well, and will ‘turn loose’ in a few days and give the homeowner reason for what we refer to as a ‘call-back’. I checked every inch of floor covering on my hands and knees. My head went under every sink for leaks while both H/C were running. The commodes had to be cleaned therefore a great time to check for a clean flush, seating and leaks. Cracks checked for proper caulking.

I love polished faucets. I want a drain to flow. Also one problem that does occur, is a plumber installing the Hot on the Right. It does happen. Windows that open and close easily, doors smooth and no binds. Door locks that latch.  (It is possible for any door to  become mis -aligned, that happens, settling, but should be repaired by builder.)

I still like to clean house, kitchens and bathrooms my specialty. Does your vanity drain slow? I always check that. It is a simple fix and takes me normally less than 5 minutes, to reach under the sink, unscrew the nut holding the pop-up lever and pulling the stopper. It is usually filled with hair or soap build up. Only takes a minute to clean it, of course me? I have to take it to another sink and wash it good before reinstalling it.

shows how simple it is. Questions? talk to me!

I just learned something this morning, cheap shampoo (HELPS)dissolves soap scum in the shower and makes it easy to clean.I tried Sherry’s shampoo, I thought I had the expensive stuff so I used only a couple tablespoons of it. later she told me I had used the cheap VO5 stuff. (I thought that VO5  was ‘spensive).

Now don’t you want to invite me over to clean your house!!

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1939 Studebaker, they built this the year I was born. (That style back door was called the suicide door)


shirl72 said...

If the price is reasonable I will
hire you. I have read that
housework makes you ugly so I
have decided to stop cleaning. LOL

DO you pull weeds?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, Jack, I do need some help here. This week my house has got to be cleaned top to bottom for company coming next week. I let a lot go when it is just me but when my company comes I want it to be sparkling. Thankfully I don't get company very often. Sherry is surely blessed to have you around while she is healing.
Take good care and enjoy the rest of your day. It's cooler but sunny here!

Anonymous said...

I say they stop being hang-ups when they start earning you a good living, like yours did.

Jean said...

You are a nice person Jack and Sherry is so lucky to have you to help her. Years ago the lady that did my hair used shampoo to clean her shop with so I decided to give it a try and found it worked and smelled so good after I done this last night when I took a shower. I should keep a cheap bottle in the bath tub with a spongy and if everyone that took a bath used it I wouldn't have all the work to do by myself. Lol. Great entry. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I actually watched that Video and have promptly sent it to my husband. Now I see why I can't get those things out of the sink!! I need to get my sinks clean.

Now - could you build me a house?

Would you like to clean my house?

Guess what Rick and I have been doing with the kids in Florida - we are cleaning the house!!!


Louis la Vache said...

That's a fine looking Studebaker you've posted, Jack!
Note the back angle to the vent wings in the front windows and the way the grille was divided - both styling cues that Studebaker would use often in years after 1939 - for example on the fabulous '53 Starliner.

Paula said...

When you sell a new house wouldn't you leave the papers with the dishwasher, A/C, and such? They didn't with mine and I was a first time new house buyer and I was so excited I didn't even think to ask.


You can come clean my house ANYTIME you like. LOL That personal touch you gave your clients is priceless. My Uncle Jim collects vintage Studebakers. He has over 20 of them, I think??? take care.

betty said...

I think its neat, Jack, that you cleaned the houses you built and inspected them so thoroughly like you did; pride in doing a good job and making sure it was a good job with nothing that needed to be touched up, fixed etc.

You could set up a side business with your house cleaning :) Make a little extra spending money :)


Debbie said...

You're welcome to come to our house and clean anytime you want to but be prepared to stay awhile. The pay isn't very good but I can serve up a mean fried bologna sandwich. Hahaha.

Love ya!

PS: Tried to comment before and my comment wouldn't go through.