Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little about the military.

Quick lesson in USN & Coastie rating (rank) insignia or badges. As a general rule the sea going branches are the only ones  you can tell a man’s basic job by his uniform.



Above is the patch of a BM1 (First Class Boatswains mate, cross anchors)


Brother Junior was a Gunners mate (above)

Aviation boatswains mate_thumb[1]

This would be an Aviation Boatswain’s mate.

Intelligence specialist IS_thumb[1]

This is an intelligence specialist. The feather meant a yeoman type (clerical) job. Or as the tough ratings would say ‘A feather merchant’.

Woody (the old Boomer) on active duty

This is Old Woody, from

Back when he was on active duty he wore this:


(That is the Master at Arms Rating. They are the Police aboard Ship.)
I am asked all the time which branch of the service I like the most. That is hard to say, I liked them all. It is easy to like the USMC for it’s camaraderie and consistency. At every base, you had better pay attention to detail.

The USAF was a great outfit to work for, but the promotions were near non-existent when I was in. The schools are great, and most duty is good.

The USN was the best to me as far as rate and rank went. I finally got promoted above E-4 and retired as a Chief E-7. Several good things about the navy. You only have to sew your rating badge on your left arm.  (Other services both arms).  Most badges are Red on the winter uniform. If you see a sailor with Gold rating, you know he has served 12 years with good conduct.

Hey the one big advantage to the USN is all the free cruises you get to take (According to my Leading Chief! LOL)  I once mentioned cleaning and how good I am at it, well ask anyone who has been in service how much cleaning I would have done spending 8 years as an E-3 & below. LOL.

But that was by choice. I joined three branches of service in those 8 years, and each one I had to start at the bottom. My choice, and I do not regret it.

I had one son join the USN, he got out. I don’t think I have a Grandson who wants to be. I thought for awhile my Grand daughter Reece was going navy, but she changed her mind.

I think the Military is great for young folk who do not know what they want to do with their lives. It adds discipline and they learn structure. Plus the Pride of serving a great country.

My patriotic rant.

Nite Shipslog


"The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom,

power without conscience.

Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants......

We know more about war than we know about peace,

more about killing than we know about living."

- General Omar N. Bradley



It is hard to believe that Chrysler had this car on the drawing boards in 1941.

500 pace car

It was the pace car for the 1941 Indy 500

1941 Chrysler


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One of my sons joined the military to see the world and he certainly did a lot of that for sure. He also got some great schools in and learned a lot. He is still working for them but as a civilian now. None of my other sons had the desire to do so. My husband served, my father served , my son served. All were in wars. I'm proud of you all.

Chatty Crone said...

My niece served in the navy - she married a man from the navy and their son is going into the navy next year when he graduates.

I think the navy does a lot of great thing - for us and to the men and women who serve. They go in almost as children, but come out men and women.




My dad was in the NAVY. He spent most of his time in Japan. You are right about it offering a way to see the world,provide discipline, etc. It is an option any young people choose toove their life forward. Will give my dad that link you showed. Sure he will enjoy it. TAKE CARE. PS. I just wanted you to know that the mass on my daughters liver is inoperable. It is a ball of blood vessels to vital organs all entwined, impossible to seperate. If any one of them gets nicked or ruptures, it means instant death for my daughter. NOT the news we were hoping for. But we continue to pray.

betty said...

I know my FIL was in the Navy for 24 years; I know he retired a chief, but I don't know if there was anything else with it. I do know he was buried in his uniform but the medals were not included and hubby and BIL one day will mount them somehow along with the flag presented to BIL since FIL had a military funeral. I remember looking at the different metals and other things and hubby explaining what this was for and what that was for, but can I remember anything about it now?

I think serving in the military is a very honorable thing; it does open up some opportunities for things afterwards, but it still a very hard job protecting our freedom. I do admire and respect all who are willing to serve, so like Sandie said, thanks Jack for serving (and you too Sherry :)


Louis la Vache said...

Indeed! A (belated) Happy Birthday to our Navy, the branch «Louis» would have served in had they taken him. A tip o' th' hat to you for saluting our Coast Guard, too. The Coasties are the least understood of our services. They do an amazing variety of things for our country.

«Louis» enjoyed your photos of the Chrysler Thunderbolt!

DD said...

I too, relate the Navy to "cruises"...but I do know better. Yes, I do!
I have a great appreciation for our service men.