Saturday, June 23, 2012

Successful Yard sale…

Stayed up until after mid night last night placing things out.  Asked Sherry to get me up early, she got me up at 4:30. (Lucy was probably up!)

Yard sale 001

(Our first customers at 6:30, the guy in the yellow bought over $50 worth, he kept coming back)

Anyway We had coffee, Sherry had Yogurt and we started putting out the clothes and pricing the few things I had not priced.  I price to sell. About two hours into the sale I cut everything to 1/2 price.

Yard sale 002

(For laughs I started this off at $1.50 or best offer, finally when there were no takers I listed it free, still no takers. It is a perfectly good vanity top, it just would not fit our house.)

Craftsman tools at 10 & 25 cents each. Boxes of staples and paper clips at 10 cents.  I had tow bar parts. I gave a lot of electrical stuff to my nephew who came by. We sold books 10 for a dollar paperback and hardback. Home interiors stuff for 25 cents each, clothes for 25 cents.  At the end we gave away boxes and boxes. Take all you want free.

Yard sale 003

(My final offer, take anything Free)

Shirl came over early, and was a great help.  Sherry handled the money strings. We cleared close to $200 and gave away about that much. that is a lot of small stuffs. hahaha.

I advertised the tree stand, filing cabinets, and desk on Craig’s list. Get this….

E-mail: “If the filing cabs are still avail, I really need them”.

sales stuff 003


e-mail: “

I have to leave on business to London, I need you to hold them a couple days, I will add $20 for your trouble. My assistant will cut the check in the morning and drop it in the mail priority. Once you get the check call and he will come and pick them up!”

Fine with me.

E-MAIL EARLY THIS MORNING:  “URGENT, URGENT! My assistant in a hurry to get you the check sent the wrong amount. MUCH larger, by a couple thousand. I am sure you are mature enough to know mistakes happen. I will trust you to deposit the check, and just return the remainder Western Union.”

Me: I think I can find another buyer, you stop payment on your check. Simple, not Urgent!

Strange I did not hear back from the SCAMMER.

But we had a great day meeting folks and dickering. hahaha. Sherry said folks gave me the strange looks when I would return 1/2 what they paid after I lowered the prices.

We had one small box left, Sink top (No one took it for free even), Desk, and filing cabinets.

Still expecting these to sell on Craigs list.

sales stuff 006

My Desk (cleaned up!)

sales stuff 008

Leroy Lettering set

sales stuff 009

Olds Ambassador Cornet (NO longer play) 

sales stuff 014

Tree stand, no longer hunt either!!!

Don & Evelyn, Smoky, Steve and Janet came over.

Good day here, thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


On a Church's Billboard:

"7 days without God makes one weak."


cars from Charlotte 028

This looks like a ‘39 Ford I like it. (maybe a little earlier?)


Anonymous said...

I like to price stuff to sell too! Not that I've ever really had a garage sale...after we decided to go on the road and bought our RV...Don had a garage sale! I went to work, when I came home everything was GONE! He sold a teapot he'd brought to me all the way from England! A clay statue that I made in high all disappeared ;)

Love that green and purple car!

Chatty Crone said...

Dang I would have loved that desk for my hubby - can you believe my grandson and I broke his today - long story.

Good job on the garage sale you did awesome! Just to get rid of stuff feels great.


Paula said...

OMG now scammers are working the garage sales. Does your feet hurt tonight?

shirl72 said...

I am to tired to comment. Had
a busy, fun day. Everybody would
take their things to the car and
come back and bought more.

Lets don't have another one until
next year...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you had a great day. Hope you get to rest tomorrow!

betty said...

Wow, I hadn't heard that scam before for garage sales! Good for you for catching it. That Craigslist can be a good thing and a bad thing I think; one does have to watch carefully interactions on it, but seems like you indeed were sharp to what was going on with it.

Sounds like a wonderful sale. I'm thinking the tools got snapped up at those prices. The majority of people for any sale we have done who come to them, their first question out of their mouths were "any tools" which we rarely had any to sell (now we have lots of tools to sell but since I'm still on strike about it all, that's for hubby and brother to sort out LOL :)

You guys did great! I like a sell where the prices are low and you move the stuff out like you did!

I bet all are tired tonight and enjoying a good night's sleep!


Ken Riches said...

Glad you were able to unload some stuff.

Helen said...

Glad that you had a good one!


Congrats on the GREAT garage sale. You all want to come here and run mine. I am never successful. LOL Never heard of that scam before. What is the matter with people. Glad you caught it. Take care.