Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The toilet paper & Life…

It is widely stated that life is like a roll of toilet paper, the nearer the end the faster it goes. I know in reality that is not true, but there is a mindset, that tells us as we are nearing the end of the roll, that it goes faster.LOL

toilet paper FULL

But we humans have always said, “Where did the time go?”  It is the idea to us older folk that we know we do not have a liberal amount of time left, and that realization actually is scary.

I can remember when I made plans in terms of 10-20-30 years, now that is not even close to realistic. Sherry and I make plans in terms of 2-5 years, and hope that nothing untoward happens.  You see other than this years plans to hike some, I want to make one more sweep around the USA.

ffarther along

I want to see some more of route 66. Bucko has my itch, needing to be scratched. LOL.

Last year, or when ever it was, that I got to see my friend Buddy and his wife Di, out in Albuquerque,  just whetted my appetite to see them again. Did you ever have a friend who was really entertaining? I hadn’t seen Buddy in over 50 years, the dude is still witty. And since then, he has added a great Cajun Accent, when telling jokes from the Bayou country.

sometimes wasted

(Reckon we wasted some of our life!)

It would be nice to drop by San Antonio on the way. (one of our favorite cities) I love the Alamo. Also, I co-authored a book (Toby’s Tales) with our turtle lady, Paula, and I have never met her.  It would be great to take her and John out to dinner and laugh a little.

We will have to do that within two years I know, as I said, at our age, you cannot plan too far ahead.  Maybe this time I can write a book on travel, a how-to book.  Traveling on a shoe string, or something.

The end of the line ROLL

There used to be the anticipation of the audience and how they would react.  The mystery, which kid will add to the presentation?  A personal satisfaction, the thrill of seeing kids smile and laugh at the tricks and trick drawing.  But, No longer. At this stage of the roll we encounter more sadness, friends obits, news of a stroke, etc. Of course that has always been, but the victims were never our age or younger!

BUT LIFE IS NEVER DULL, IT IS FILLED ALSO WITH BIRTHS,  NOW THEY ARE GREAT GRANDKIDS! As our friends from the north country say, Grand loves.

YEP  sadly true

There is not too much of the roll left, maybe we should use less!  LOL

Thanks for coming by the log, nice to have you.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Signs of Note

In the front yard of a Funeral Home:

"Drive carefully. We'll wait."



So it is an Edsel by Ford, It did not live long, but it has admirers.



Ken Riches said...

Never thought of the toilet paper analogy, seems appropriate.

Chewbacca said...

My aunt lives in Albuquerque and I've never been. It's on my list! Good to see I'm not the only one thinking this way, thanks.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I learned a long time ago that we can make all the plans we want but often God has another idea in mind. You do more than I, I only plan for the moment. No two year plans at all for me. Day to day is about all I can handle and even then my plans get changed. I don't even like to wonder about how many days I have left. None of us knows. Today I woke up and that makes it a good day. Hope you both have a terrific Tuesday!

Paula said...

Now that I am older I find myself saying I will do so and so in year so and so if I'm still alive. Would love to meet you two but have to warn you it is ugly out here in the summer.

Jean said...

Jack I tell Grover all the time that we don't have many years if we live to a ripe old age!! Tell you the truth he wants let me talk about it. It does seem like time flies now when I can remember years ago while I was still employed I was always wishing for the weekend to get here and now I'm wishing for the week days. Lol.
Like MA says we don't ever know when our time will come. My granddaughter’s husband’s dad passed away Sunday (Heart attack) and he was only 60 years old. I hope you around many more years and make the trip around the world again. Take care. Jean


I live moment to moment too. never know what life is going to throw your way. i had some big plans for this summer that are not going to pan out. so i'm doing other things instead. ENJOY wherever life takes you. Take care.

shirl72 said...

Never thought about old age, I guess I thought I would be young forever. Was I fooled I am here.

Get a bucket list and try to
check off as many as you can before
it is to late. I do have a bucket
list and check off some.

Chatty Crone said...

The toilet paper (ahem) was a good analogy of life. I am not sure how I think about life - like the future. I guess I think about a week or two ahead of time - maybe a month or a year - but it is more about knowing what is going on...lol. I hope you get to visit your friends!! I guess having some goals are good. sandie

Anonymous said...

Yes. Time is one of the few things which makes me afraid. Yet, gladly there are mostly further rolls available.

And yes, children seem to like to play with this paper the world over. Please have a good Wednesday you all.

betty said...

Too funny about the toilet paper analogy; there is a lot of truth in that, I think :)

It is so true how fast the time goes isn't it? Wise to think 2-5 years ahead but again we never really know like Ma said; it is all up to God's timing. I think it would be neat if you and Sherry did one more turn around the country; it would make a great book idea too!! It is always fun to think and plan though :) Gives us something to talk about sometimes :)


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee....
Speaking of Edsels...

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I don't see you and Sherry using less of life because you always add more than you take away.

Anonymous said...

I started having my mid-life crises at 25 since I didn't know how long I was going to live, lol.

It's good to have some young friends, too, so all your friends don't "go" at the same time.

Debbie said...

I like your comparison of life to toilet paper. Both can be wiped out before you know it. Like others here I live day to day. Seldom have plans made ahead of time worked out.

I don't think you've wasted any of your life, you've done things most people can only dream of doing. I hope you and Sherry get to make another trip across country.

Love you both!

DD said...

So true!!!

And you make me want to head out West again. We have the greatest memories of our travels on The Old Mother Road. Some of our best days were in Albuquerque.