Monday, July 2, 2012

Belmont Historical House

We dropped by the Historical House Sunday to see the Uniform display.  Shirl had the duty, so she invited us.

Historical house 001

The red and blue uniform furthest back in this photo is from the Continental Army. Next is a Confederate Uniform Third is a WWI and last the Marine is WWII.

Historical house 002

This one surprised me. The WWII navy uniform belonged to a friend, Joe Bishop. He served in the Pacific. His wife donated the uniforms. He passed away a few years back His land bordered ours where Shirl Lives now. A funny thing happened lately. while unpacking, I found my Brother Jr’s Flat hat, like the one to the left.  Jr also served in the Pacific.

Below is a WWI jacket, I didn’t know the owner of it, of course.

Historical house 005

Going thru the Historical house Sherry pointed out a man named Roscoe Helton. She said, “Roscoe delivered every letter you ever wrote to me, he was our mail man.” (I automatically liked Roscoe!)

Of course the Historical House doesn’t mean as much to me as it does Sherry, she knew many of the pictures and facts thru the house. She was born and raised in Belmont. Starting the 1st Grade and graduating with many of the same folks.

Her Doctor’s picture was there and also a nephew, Butch Harris, who is in the local sports hall of fame.  I did know Smokey Woods, a good friend also in the Sports hall of fame, Smokey was good in Baseball.

The House is interesting like a small museum.

Historical house 007

Caught Shirl and Sherry with this Marine!

Historical house 009

This is a famous WWII design called the Ike Jacket, designed by General Eisenhower. I loved the jacket, it was one of my favorite USMC uniform coats.

Below was Korean war type uniforms. Army forefront and the Air Force in Blue

Historical house 011

An old pump organ, Shirl assisted in a funeral once and had to play one of these.

Historical house 012

This was a surprise, The uniform belonged to Rachel Harper,  She graduated with Sherry. Rachel was a CDR in the medical field. I was surprised to learn that.

Historical house 013

Shirl is holding an actual wooden canteen from the Civil war. Of course the painting was added later.

This Fourth season, let us not forget the men and women in uniform, away from home and in harm’s way.

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1958 Fiat  (rose)

Not to be out done, Rose sent this Italian beauty:

1958 Fiat


shirl72 said...

Very good pictures of our display at the Belmont Historic House. It is a very interesting display of the uniforms the boys wore who served our Country. I enjoy being a volunteer to show vistors around the House. We also have a Mill House just like the one where Belmont Citizens lived. It has a self-player piano in the living room.

Cher' Shots said...

Wonderful entry of such a stretch of history. I love museums. Being married to such a history buff has really taught me a lot.
'love & hugs from afar'

Chatty Crone said...

Now that was a whole lot of history. She knows the mailman and her doctor was there. That is home. And the marine they were with - he's okay. Harmless.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Loved seeing the sights at your historical house there. I can't believe I never heard of Belmont until I started reading your blog. We have a historical society here and they have a house they keep up with lots of old memorabilia too. It was another hot one here today very humid and we barely enjoyed a tiny little campfire. Just to close out tonight. Our soldiers are always remembered in my prayers every day, but will be thinking of them all especially on the 4th!

betty said...

What a great house/historic place to visit! It looks like it is set up really well and neat with the memorabilia from local heroes that served! I can imagine it was a wonderful time to spend part of an afternoon (and I'm think it was air conditioned?)


Lucy said...

Shirl and Sherry look great. that is a really cool historic place. It would be fun to go through it. especially to know some of the people that actually wore those uniforms.

Glenda said...

Jack, this is a beautiful tribute to our brave citizens, Shirl & Sherry are beautiful also! Thank YOU for your service.

Louis la Vache said...

Being a military history buff, «Louis» enjoyed your presentation of the uniforms. A most apt post as we approach Independence Day. We should remember and thank those who have fought to preserve our freedom by serving in our military. It's a crime that the idiots in Washington are hell-bent on destroying our Constitution and our freedoms.

That Italian beauty is a 1956 Fiat Abarth with body by Zagato.

Rose said...

Since I have the map of Italy on my face, I just had to send you some Italian beautiful cars. LOL

Hugs, Rose