Friday, July 27, 2012

A great day, good friends and washday!

We had the privilege of visiting with friends from the USN, Dan & Joan.  Dan was my boss in Albany, Georgia and key West, Florida. We were also friends. They were great family folk and had a great family. Joan is one of those wonderful down to earth folk, who keeps a house looking like it is out of this week’s Better Homes and Gardens. Get this wonderful lunch or Dinner we were served:

A great trip 001

We didn’t get many pictures, but plan to see them and some of their kids before we leave. They took us to a chocolate world, “Miesse Chocolates, est in 1875”, presently owned by Tracy, their daughter.

A great trip 002A great trip 003

This was the retail store, later they took us to the chocolate factory. Dan & Joan have a beautiful home that they continue to improve. This is the back patio. It was a great visit.

A great trip 008

I am always amazed at the folks in this area on wash day. In our early lives, we went GREEN, we used solar & wind power to dry clothes. Do you still hang clothes? Check these out:

A great trip 012A great trip 015A great trip 016

I had to get this in the mirror, that last one was over the small road.

A great trip 020 - CopyA great trip 026

Notice these clothes are hung using a pulley and return wire. They go high, but the winner is the last one, those are hung HIGH!

A great trip 029

A great trip 011

Looking from the barn, over the corn, what is going on?

A great trip 024

The work horses say this is our day off, don’t push it. But below the girls rest in the shade before the evening milking. They are soon going to work.

A great trip 031

A great trip 030

This is a beautiful place to spend a day riding and with good friends.

More friends coming down the road.

A great trip 028

Thanks for coming by the log. I know you could be other places, we appreciate the visit.

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Why didn't Noah Swat those two mosquitoes?


A great trip 007

I believe this is a 1955/56 Porthole T-Bird. I shot this across Dan’s arm, driving into Lancaster.  We passed two T-models, two old men showing off, I couldn’t get the camera in time.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great time you had there with your friends. I hope Sherry got her fill of chocolate. I think that patio is just the perfect place to relax and chat with friends. No, I don't hang my laundry out but sure would like to have that fresh air smell on my sheets. Used to do that all the time, now I go the easy and more expensive way and Downy takes care of the smell. The storms missed us completely yesterday. They went right on by us to the east and I saw they were having rain in Pennsylvania on the news. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

shirl72 said...

Clothes on the line brings back
memories of course our clothes- lines were low and we could use clothes-pins.

Love the T bird we had 2 boys
in HS that drove them. Now
chocolate is the name of the game.

Beautiful country side.


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen cows for ages ! Yes, clothes over here usually hang, as rain is missing for at least three months.
Please have a good weekend you all.

Ken Riches said...

Friends Rock!

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed going to Amish country with you. First of all nice friends. And I would love the chocolate. The clothes are the way they do in Europe too. Love the weeping willow trees. What a nice visit. sandie


The ladies look happy with their chocolate. How nice is it to have your daughter OWN the place. I just took some pics of clothes on the line and cows this past week. And taking photos out my sideview mirror is my favorite thing. LOL LOVED the visit with your friends and you. Take care.

Paula said...

I like the barn with the cow on it and yes I have clothes lines but don't use them often because there are grass burrs growing under them. I wish John would sand the rust off and paint them. I used to keep them up but need some help these days.

betty said...

I think I would like a friend with a chocolate factory! Sounded like a great day! We do hang out a few clothes, mainly jeans, but I do remember growing up my mom hanged out everything on the clotheslines; always such a fresh smell!


Anonymous said...

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
The sheep's in the meadow and

I hang my clothes on the line wearing a clothes pin bag that I made across my shoulder.

Lucy said...

I hung clothes out for many years. Like 65. I love my dryer. Took many frozen bib overalls, diapers and anything else over the years. My dryer is now like me, rattling and noisy, but still working.

Anonymous said...

You are the only person I know positive enough to put a ! after washday ;).~Mary

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» appreciate the favorable publicity for his bovine relatives...

The T-bird is a '57.

«Louis» also likes the MG in the post above this one...

Rose said...

I don't remember the last time I saw clothes hanging on a line outdoors. The photos you took were too funny. Those were some serious wash days! LOL

I remember that is how my mother dried her laundry.

My daughter and I both have severe allergies and the doctor always said to use a dryer to keep the pollen off the clothes to maintain easy breathing.