Saturday, July 28, 2012

I’m slow, but I learn (I think)

There is a grocery store here, it has everything displayed very nicely and everything is clean and polished. The name is Weis. Probably every one who reads this will say, so? Okay most of us southern folk talk funny. However, we think you guys talk a little different. Now I personally love the accents from all nationalities and corners of the USA, but pronunciations are something else.

We have strained at that little word since being here. Pronounced it ‘Weese’, Wiss, even Wise. So in the store  a day or so ago, and the clerk wasn’t busy, my girl asked how it was pronounced. The clerk look sorta funny (like, is this a trick question?) she smiled and said ‘WISE’.  Of course I told her, “I knew that!”

After leaving I asked Sherry if she thought they should be told the ‘e’ is in the wrong place.  Surely they know about ‘The three WISE MEN’. But this is their area and they can spell things the way they want to. Right?

I am glad Dallas had told me many years ago about the Susquehanna River, no telling how I would have butchered that.LOL. I’m still having a problem with Lititz and Lampeter.

I have noticed folks around the Mason/Dixon line and above, cultivate and LOVE flowers. I think it is because they do not have a long season to enjoy them. There are some beautiful flowers here, and I hope to get some more before I post this.

Oh, I mentioned ‘Miesse Chocolates’ the other day. We enjoyed our visit and they have my favorite, chocolate covered maple, mmmmm delicious. They have a lot of novelty stuff too. A chocolate tool set, Golf clubs/balls,   large and small chocolate ‘Thank You’ notes. They have a chocolate champagne bottle (don’t think there is anything in it except chocolate).  Sherry is the chocoholic, so she got the Maple and p-nut butter filled stuff. (Dan bought me a pack of Licorice, Tracy imports her licorice from New Zealand, good stuff.)

If you are ever at the Sight and Sound Theaters, they sell Miesse Chocolate there. Tracy has done a marvelous job of keeping this old established company alive and into the 21st century.

Thanks again for reading the Log. I know there is lots more you could be doing.

Nite Shipslog


You know that Indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they
make the whole plane out of that stuff?!


1953 MG

Another picture of one of my favorites, the 1953 MG hill climber. From the Eustis car show.


Ken Riches said...

Not an obvious pronunciation...

Anonymous said...

If you would add a second 's' it would make the German word 'white', which is spoken as 'wise', the 's' only a bit faster.

Please have you all a kind Sunday.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is a lot of us that enjoy our flowers here too. The growing season is short, but I love it. Every winter things freeze here and every spring, things start blooming again. It's wonderful to see all the color and I do miss it when wintertime comes. No leaves on the trees, no flowers, only gray dull days until it snows and then you get tired of looking at the white stuff. Glad you all got some chocolate to enjoy. I try to have some every day. They say the dark is best for you. Quiet Saturday here, we got a much needed rain overnight and this morning then the sun came out and it was beautiful. Everything looks much refreshed from the rain.

Chatty Crone said...

They way you pronounce things has really never been my strong suit! lol
Those chocolates looked good! sandie

Dar said...

Yea, we have Weis here too and they also say it Wise...hmmmm,
But, the Chocolates sound divine, especially with the maple, one of our favorite flavors. Wonder if that has anything to do with making maple syrup like we do? Peanut butter of course, rates right up there with chocolate any time. You folks know how to treat yourselves.

As for your RV cushions, I would gladly have recovered them for you and the price would have been right...a piece of maple chocolate. Thanks for the note of appreciation.

Paula said...

Hi Jack and Sherry: I'ts late but I had to stop by to see what is going on in your traveling world. Yes today was my birthday but I celebrated with my daughters Wednesday night and Thursday because of their work and busy schedule.

betty said...

I hear a lot of accents in my line of work, LOL, I do relatively well with them as long as they don't mumble or slur their words :)

I'm with Sherry; I never met a chocolate I didn't like :)

you guys have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Pronunciations can be perplexing, that's for sure. (You would think these words would rhyme: hat, that, what.)
I wouldn't begin to know how to pronounce that chocolate place.

There is a little place in NC called "Spies." Locals know it is pronounce "speez" However the late Charles Kuralt had it rhyming with "Wise" in one of his poems. Of course, I might be making an assumption in thinking "Wise" is not pronounced "weez."

Rose said...

I always enjoy stopping by your blog, as I feel like I'm traveling with my favorite couple.

Sure wish I had some of that Chocolate. Maybe it would give me some energy. I've been so fatigued lately and have no clue why.

Hugs, Rose


Funny thing about pronunciations. You'll get some right and some wrong. I think that licorce from New Zealand would be absolutely delicious. My mouth is watering at the mere thought of it. take care. ENJOY your adventures.