Saturday, July 21, 2012

Boy, have I enjoyed these Back roads of Pennsylvania.

The Motor cycle riders must love the PA back country. Do you know what a Whoop-de-do is? In Moto-cross terms, it is the ups and downs that take your stomach, like a roller coaster ride. Well there are hundreds of miles of them here, I love them. The motor home makes it nice because you are high and see over the hill sooner than if you were in a car.

I love the older architecture designs. I always called the pill-box style. I have forgotten the proper name for them. Lots of beautiful Rock and Brick houses. If you ask any hiker about PA they will call it the rock state. So many, many rocks.  The woods are lined with old rock fences from long lost farms of years past. In one area where there was once a coal mine, I wondered how they ever got the coal out. Rocks were everywhere between every two trees, garbage-can size rocks. Ones you just didn’t roll out of the way.  hahahaha.

I commented so many times to Sherry how I admired the PA farmer, he had to spend half his time throwing rocks out of the field or carrying them to the edge of the field for a rock wall.

That is one reason there are so many rock houses, the rock was plentiful for the pioneering communities.

Rocks are a problem to me, I love to find odd shaped, or ‘special to me’ rocks. There have been times I had 50 lbs of rocks in the motor home because they were special.  I have slowed down rock collecting, considerably.  hahahaha.

Lots of folks like rocks. I like to paint them. (I know Dar & Mel do. )  I Glue smaller ones into different shapes, I specially like to put clear varnish on them to make them shine.  I  ran across a rock when I was emptying the trailer. I found it in Northern Maine, and it had sea creature fossils in it, I also found one in the desert in Arizona. That to me is interesting.

Are you a rock hound?

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I miss ‘out of this world’ (Theanne would say OOMMI) Auto designs like this 1951 Buick Lesaber. I am sure it never made production, if it did there were only a few of them, but I want it. LOL


Ken Riches said...

We sometimes do Shadow Boxes of our special trips and a rock or two always makes it in. We have a number from along Route 66 :o)

Chatty Crone said...

I am not a rock hound - no reason just that I haven't. When you get home you need to share a picture of one of the ones you did! sandiae

Fred Alton said...

Did you find that lost Indian amongst the rocks? KEEP LOOKIN - Help us find Falling Rock or you'll have war on your hands!!!

Anonymous said...

Rocks~I first always think of a child leaping across rocks in a stream~which I used to love to do.

Helen said...

I don't do rocks but my daughter did when she was little. No telling how many shoe boxes of rocks to sneaked out when she was not at home.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed many a Whoop-de-do during the last years. A few while flying between home and the place I live.

Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

Louis la Vache said...

the Le Sabre didn't make it into production, at least in this form. This is a one-off show car for the Motoramas GM used to do. That front end is awful, worse than the front end of the Packard Panthers. Buick later used the Le Sabre name on their mid-series cars.

betty said...

Glad you are enjoying your time in Pennsylvania, Jack, and enjoying the scenery and the roads! Not a rock hound here, but I do remember when we went to visit the Crazy Horse memorial in South Dakota, you could take a rock home from there as a souvenir free; I thought it was a brilliant way for them to remove the rocks they didn't want (and yes the kids were young enough at the time that a souvenir rock did make its way back to Montana :)



I collected rocks as a kid. My grandpa had a collection he gave me. I treasure it, like you treasure yours. Lived in Western PA for 6 years. Wish we could move back. LOVED it there. ENJOY your trip through that beautiful countryside. take care.

Paula said...

I like rocks but don't have many. I have one on my coffee table shaped like a little heart.

DD said...

This post reminds me of Lucy, in the Long Long Remember her rock collecting?

I am guilty. I still have a nice big rock that I brought home with me from above Quray, CO about 30 years ago. Above, meaning on the main road overlooking Quray.