Friday, January 3, 2020

That Susan Kane and Myra

 Autos of beauty
            1937 Chrysler Town Car.

For today (Saturday I hope):
There is something special about a question type post. At times Myra and Susan pose questions, and answer them.  I love reading their answers. When I read some answers... “I WISH I HAD SAID that!”

Lately in Susan’s questions:
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? That got me to thinking. Most of my life I was an EXTROVERT.  I actually pastored a church or two. We even organized and built a church. Sherry and I entertained kids from Cuba to Canada at BSA & church functions and Summer Camps. I loved it. I would speak to anyone on the street, bus, ship or plane. And then I lost my hearing. I slowly became an Ex-extrovert. Sherry orders at restaurants for me. She must accompany me to check in at an RV park. She answers the phones.

While walking here, both of us laughed at ME as we passed “Lot 39”. At a checkin years ago, I was TOLD (I thought) Park in  #39. At 39 the sewer was clogged with sand. I started cleaning it. I was arm deep in the sewer line when Sherry said, “I believe I heard Lot 139.” Sure enough, on 139 everything worked.

When you are once an Extrovert it is hard to keep it down, and at times make a ‘fool’ of yourself. I give ‘gold dollars’ away to kids. Most of the time (after getting permission) I will show children a sleight of hand trick, make the coin disappear  then find it in their ear, or shoe.

It is really good for a kid that is obviously having a bad day or just tired.  It works like a charm in line at the grocery store. BUT at times it starts a conversation and I must bow out. I MISS being the extrovert.

I shouldn't tell you about the doctor's visit. But Sherry went into his office with me, thank goodness (she normally does not do that). The Doctor came in and talked with me and walked out. I loosened my belt and let my pants drop to the floor.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Says my girl loudly.
“He said drop your pants!” I said in explanation.
“HE DID NOT, he is sending the nurse in, put your pants back on.”
I did, just in time. Yep, I am an ex-extrovert and live dangerously because of my hearing.
 (Quit laughing Evelyn!)

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betty said...

LOL about the pants! Good Sherry is able to accompany you to doctors and whatnot!! I would definitely think you are an extrovert, Jack. On the web, writing, its easier than listening in conversations, but your style definitely does come across as extrovert indeed!


Chatty Crone said...

Boy am I glad Sherry is around!

Rick Watson said...

I snorted coffee out my nose when I read this:)
My hearing is getting spotty. I find Jilda translating more often these days.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, thanks for the shout-out! But I gotta confess, some days are better than others.
I so enjoyed your 'extrovert/introvert' response; getting to know you a little better. For much of my early life I was painfully shy; content living in my own little head. Only when I began working in hospitality and was compelled to act outgoing did it start to become natural.

Thanks for the smile about your 'pants down' … that is SO Tom and me!

Dar said...

LOLOLOL Thanks for this grand laugh you shared. Fri, Sat, no diff, the reading was a hoot once again no matter what day it is. Our hearing is getting worse by the day....each of us yelling at one another and correcting each other often. My surgery was great at first but is gradually going south again and Bill's is worse. We're both looking into devices this year.
love n' hugs from up north where it's cloudy out but at least it didn't snow today. We do have enough

Woody said...

My Honey says I am an "Extrovert" ! Great Day, Got all the way up to 45 Degrees, Cloudy, I did find my missing Post, it was in the Trash File so I reposted yesterdays post ! Had a Great Fish Fry up at Gary's Restaurant in Lowville, Took Anna Mae's Mother with us !.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a good thing you have that gal of yours along to keep you on track for sure.You've got challenges that most don't have. I can see where you'd miss out on a lot without her along. I've become more extroverted as I've become older and don't mix a lot with other, but i don't have any excuse not to do so like you do You put me to shame and I should take advantage of of what I do have and not hide because of what I don't have.

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